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16GB Google Nexus 7 tablet sold out, Google may have underestimated demand
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I have a 16gb N7 and so glad I didn't go with a 8gb one. Only had a few days, but already have lots of Apps and Max Payne Mobile taking up space. More will go once I can get some frickin media on it. Out of the box you can't copy files to it using Linux.
+Colin McCarthy No file copy in Linux? seems odd. I'd probably use the Ubuntu One app and add them that way.
Just watching and understanding market demands along with the functional inability of any 8gb device clearly shows that 16gb and 32gb are the only models Google should be producing.  Seriously, what does it take for a company such as Google to realize that 8gb models don't have the storage capacity--as well, even with cloud support  you need at a minimum 8gb?  With 16gb storage falling below $30 there shouldn't be even a question.  No 8gb instead only 16 to 32-64gb.
I have an 8gb device and it is anything but functionally inable. With cloud storage and high speed Internet, you don't need a terrabyte on a mobile device.
I have the 8 gig but 16 gig is not really enough.  I'll use this for a while and get a Kingston 32 gig Wi-Drive.  But I don't know yet if it does anything but stream.  The perfect tablet should have an SD Card slot.  Funny how my Archos PMA400 is only a 150 MHz OMAP CPU but came with a 30 gig hard drive.  They are deciding how we are not supposed to use these devices by limiting their capabilities..
I don't think you need 30gb of storage with a tablet. I have the 8gb tablet and,so far, I have plenty of room. There's no need to keep your life history in storage on a tablet. 
All this with little to no marketing other than the web and word of mouth thanks Apple. 

I just hope they don't rush the products and make crap devices with defects trying to supply the demand. That would suck. Can you say must have  product plan. I can
+Steve Kline I have more than 10 gig of audiobooks on my PMA400.  David Weber and Lois Bujold alone take up more than 5 gig.  I use text-to-speech to convert e-books to audiobooks.  I just finished Mars Girl by Jeff Garrity.  Do you play audiobooks?

von Neumann machines are general purpose devices.  There is no telling what a particular user will do with them.  So for a manufacturer to limit a capability when it is cheap is absurd.  Google decided the Nexus 7 should be a media consumption device.  Maybe not everyone wants to live in that cage.  The Wi-Drive is one way to escape without violating the warranty.
+Michael Tefft I'm not dumping on Google.  It was just a bad choice to put out another 8gb device, especially one without a flash card.  

As far as your use goes, you haven't used it long enough.  in 6 months to a year you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.  If 8gb was enough they would never have offered a 16gb unit.
I don't expect any company to come out with a perfect device.  Even when they are doing their best they must make compromises for the sake of economics.  But very often they are not trying to do their best they are trying to serve a marketing strategy.  Consumers must choose from the results.  I just truly find it ironic that a device with 32 times the CPU power of my Archos has less then 1/5th the storage.

But the Archos retailed for $800 in 2005.  I can live with the compromises.  And most likely within a year someone will make a tablet that matches the Nexus and has an SD Card slot.
+Karl Smithe Google put out a nice device, as long as it isn't the 8gb version.  There are enough 8gb devices out there to know that 8gb is a defect.  The Google Nexus 7 is sold out everywhere, that is the 16gb version.
Better get it in stock before the Kindle Ice (get it- earth, fire, water, and ice) comes out.
+Jim Blaich I bought the 8 gig device because I knew 16 gig was not enough and I was not paying $50 for 8 gig.  When this becomes cramped I will order a Kingston Wi-Drive.  Probably the 32 gig.  The 16 gig is $50 and the 32 gig is $90.
+Steve Kline 
I think 8gb's on the other hand is rather small. I would never go for a 8gb anything. 16gb is okay. I wouldn't have bought one if only the 8 was available, but I heard USB-OTG is supported on the Nexus 7. Which means micro usb to your 16, 32, or 64gb usb flash drive. Problem solved. 
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