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Users of our services can show themselves in various fields within our community:
✓ Use our services as advertisers, and promote their brand or product.
✓ Invite partners and be rewarded by our affiliate program.
✓ Earn by executing a tasks and campaigns.
✓ Get bonuses by participating in contests and promotion actions.
We decided to reward our referrers that invite active users in the services of our company. Because the more active members in the community means the greater social capital of the community. That's why we are launching a "TOP REFERRER" competition!!! The contest will last one month and the results will be announced on July 10, 2015.

You can see a table REFERRERS TOP 100 at our corporate website. The information in this table is updated in real time. Current place is determined by the efficiency. The efficiency is calculated according to a formula based on the combination of current locations in 10 categories:
Efficiency = 100 - (x1+x2+x3+x4+x5+x6+x7+x8+x9+x10) / 10
where "х" is the current place in the category:
x1 - total number of 1st level referrals
х2 - referrals in PostingBlues (1st level)
х3 - referrals in LikesRock (1st level)
х4 - number of referrals who deposited its balance (1st level)
х5 - number of referrals who perform a tasks (1st level)
х6 - total number of 2nd level referrals
х7 - total number of 3rd level referrals
х8 - total earned amount
х9 - total earned amount on deposits
х10 - total earned amount on tasks performing

1st place: $150 + 3 months of VIP in LikesRock + 3 months of subscription in PostingBlues
2nd place: $100 + 3 months of VIP in LikesRock + 3 months of subscription in PostingBlues
3rd place: $50 + 3 months of VIP in LikesRock + 3 months of subscription in PostingBlues
Referrers ranked from 4th to 10th will get consolation prizes:
1 months of VIP in LikesRock + 1 months of subscription in PostingBlues
Our Referral Program assumes 20% referral fee from each 1st level referral's balance deposit and 5% of earnings for the tasks performing and advertising campaigns. Also during the contest we will enable two more levels of referral program: 5% from 2nd level referrals balance deposits and 1% from 3rd level referrals balance deposits.
Invite your partners, grow up and make money with us!!!
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Реальный проект по заработку без вложений.
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Likes Rock? We Say Yes!
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Likes Rock? We Say Yes!