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We love the 2nd Amendment and it's supporters.
We love the 2nd Amendment and it's supporters.

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We have the all new GA142 model of Galco's Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster in stock as of today. Currently, we only have 2 so act quick before they disappear.

This holster fits:
Colt .357 SAA 4 3/4"
Colt .44 SAA 4 3/4"
Colt .45 SAA 4 3/4"
Ruger .357 Blackhawk 4 5/8"
Ruger .357 Vaquero 4 5/8"
Ruger .44 Blackhawk 4 5/8"
Ruger .44 Vaquero 4 5/8"
Ruger .45 Blackhawk 4 5/8"
Ruger .45 Vaquero 4 5/8"

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The Galco KH130H Kodiak Hunter Shoulder Holster for Scoped Revolvers is now in stock and ready to ship! 9 available and they go QUICK!

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Finally, the Galco Great Alaskan GA186 for Ruger Alaskan 2 1/2" is finally in stock, but not for long so act quickly!

Anyone else happy that our Dictator in Chief did not success in his ammo ban, at least for now?

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Another gun-hating Democrat being charged with corruption. Senator Bob Menendez from my home state of New Jersey.

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Looking for Ammo? Check out our FFL directory for dealers in your area.

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Galco Great Alaskan Holster, GA194 finally back in stock but we only have 3 and they do go fast!

Fits Colt King Cobra 4", Python 4", Trooper 4", Dan Wesson .357 4", Ruger GP100 4", Redhawk 4", S&W L Frame 586 4", L Frame 686 4", N Frame .357 Model 27/28 4", N Frame .357 Model 327 4", N Frame .44 Model 29/629 4", N Frame .44 Model 329 4", Taurus 425 Tracker 4", 627 Tracker 4"

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HOT SELLER! The SureFire X300U-A Ultra WeaponLight with an incredible 500 Lumens is in stock and ready to ship out immediately!

Is anybody else fed up with the fact that Google will not accept paid advertisement for even gun parts including Riflescopes and other accessories?

They have long banned ammunition and certain other items but now scopes or any item intended to be attached to a gun. Hmmmm....let's see.....scopes, laser grips, regular grips, tactical lights. Where does it end?

Additionally, why is it that a publicly traded company gets to say no to a perfectly legal and CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED facet of American life?

Of all potential 2016 Presidential candidates, which one is most likely to strongly support our treasured 2nd Amendment Rights?

There are no right or wrong answers here, I am just interested to know what the general opinion is.
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