The Lightroom 4.3 release candidate is now available on Adobe Labs! We've added support for HiDPI displays and 13 new camera profiles including the Canon PowerShot S110, Olympus PEN E-PL5 and Panasonic DMC-GH3. Download the release here: #Lightroom #Lr4
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HiDPI would have to mean Retina, but since Apple has that name trademarked, they can't call it that.
+Matt Davis actually, they can. Its Adobe's way of acknowledging the fact that there are now other screens coming to market with denser pixel dimensions. Cool profile pic btw.
Thanks for the correction.
Oww, ok it's a Mac thing.. :( nothing that benefits us users of real computers.
Actually, with the other brands coming out with high resolution displays, it will. Just not right now for most of us.
How about support for my Sony equipment.  That'd be nice.
Uh-oh, HiDPI support is almost real... 
Does this have any updates for the book module? It won't let me add text to text pages. :( I have tried everything. Anyone else have this problem?
Let's hope they also added the usual lenses used on a GH3.
Couldn't find e.g. the Voightländer 25mm f0.95, all my Panasonic lenses or the Pan/Leica 25mm f1.4. Let alone famous old lenses often used on it that need correction like the Canon FD 50mm ones.
Nothing for the Panasonic 3D lens too.
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