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USS Enterprise 2012 has docked

Sale proceeds of this print and all other prints from will go to Empowerment International* (from now till 15th July 2012)

Price starting from US$1.00 (4x6 print) to over US$300 for Canvas / Giclee Print (30x40 print).

Link Here:

*Empowerment International provides Education to the children in Nicaragua

#SciFi #NightScapes by +Christopher Prins +Dennis Hoffbuhr #BreakfastClub by +Stuart Williams #TravelThursday by +Laura Mitchum #POTD #eyecandy #breakfastartclub by +Charles Lupica
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+Nicholas Ong Nice composition! However, with all the light pollution around Marina Bay and the CBD, I find it hard to believe you were able to capture the Milky Way in all its glory from this vantage pt. Not to mention, the sky here is usually quite overcast. If this is not PhotoShop'd, then I guess you got really lucky with your timing!
haha, I did a double-take on the night-sky background too :D
Is this astro-HDR? haha
Thank you +Mikael Erminger. Only some nights in a year will one get such a clear shot of the milky way here, Lim Chu Kang Cemetery is a beautiful place middle of the night with almost no light pollution.

Such big plot of land with choices of Christian, Chinese, Muslim or Indian graveyards to choose from. Too bad none of them willing to talk to me.

Go there early before dark, you don't want to step over the wrong stuffs.

(Run google map search on this address - 1 Lim Chu Kang Road Western Catchment Area Singapore 719452)
+Wesley Yeoh, i called it eye candy photo, posted this as promised. (enough of stirring craps...) I want to live in the happy advertisements now...
Yes, +Alexander Safonov, S'pore has many cool places for photography.

Night safari is nice and extremely tough to shoot, my best was 1/13sec (or was it 1/15) at 200mm... it was a silly thing to do and i told myself i won't bring my camera there... but i did every time.

Thanks for the +1... something i had in mind for a long while... along the line of kitschy cum hdr.
+Wesley Yeoh +Mikael Erminger, i was talking nonsense as usual. The milky way was a separate shot, can't recall but should be from NASA site. Even if the sky is clear, i will have trouble getting transport to those cemeteries.
Rika Ng
luv the milky way overlay! no way u will find such clear skies in singapore, light pollution too strong even as far away as St John's Island.
Thanks +Rika Ng, futuristic looking buildings need this kind of backdrop. lol!
Wow--amazing image +Nicholas Ong , I had to really look at this one to figure it out--wonderful color and detail!
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