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A New Invention in Astorlogy
A New Invention in Astorlogy

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#Science is beginning to catch up to the idea that everything is #energy and everything is #frequency. It is of utmost importance to understand the very real creative power our mind has in this world and how it acts as a broadcaster when creating your life.

  #quantumenergy #wisdombits  

I had been working on personality traits as per lifescape astrology. some traits have been finalized , and they are explained at

Traits like depression , suicide ,homicide have been explained.
signature for homicide is very narrow, and asks for adverse effects on both sedna and chiron on venus.

In case you choose to test these signatures with about 100 charts, then please send me your feedback, along with your photo and brief, so that i can make a page in feedback section of this article.

some more personality traits will be added during the course of this month.

may lord ganesha bless all.

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** One lac Rs challenge to ISRO chief **

Yes what ISRO chief says is correct buy half truth. Media people take money from astrologers and astrologers fleece their clients as they are famous and they are all over TV channels (INDIA specific).

But then he is hitting at faith of people which is wrong. Since sedna and eris could be discovered only in 2004, astronomy itself was wrong till 2004 and astrology could not have been discovered. My entire project failed in 2001 and was forced to take a Job for survival.

Now we are willing to give free training of #LifescapeAstrology to ISRO chief which will take one week and we place a bet of one lac Rs . All he has to do is that after training , if he says destiny is not there , we will give him one lac Rs.

Meanwhile let him not misguide the public and their long cherished values.

If any one has collection of gay charts, you should check pluto affliction.
ie,, Pluto making angles of 50,60,70 or 110,120,130 with sedna or interamnia.

you will be amazed at correlation obtained by this one line principle.

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we have added the topic of breast cancer, that is configuration of breast cancer in astrological charts.

If you had been wondering , whether destiny is there or not, all you have to do is to check this configuration in few cases of people who suffered from breast cancer.
In case you do not wish to make the charts, just add their birth info and we will add their charts at forums.

Your own answer to predetermination will bring an enrichment in your own life.

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Manglik dosha is a very loose term. Location of Mars in several houses, which apply to large number of people.

Lifescape astrology is much more precise. for one's husband to die, minimum is adverse angle of Jupiter and Moon and Sedna.

this topic we are defining at our website

In case you want us to analyse the cases, where some one's husband died, you can add the data at forums and we will add chart and explanation.

But it is imperative, that no husband suffers because of Manglik Dosha. If mars is afflicted, then it shows neation in married life of woman, which may be discord, separation or simply some feminine health problems, if mars is making aspect with earth or ceres.

If mars is making aspect with mercury or neptune, this also just tells about desires of woman.

so please thoroughly test the theory and help us in removing the myth of manglik dosha.

I am looking for birth info of those woman, where first husband died premature death.

Data required is date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.

This may be data of celebrities as well. Please note that this data would be added to our site and therefore permission of woman concerned is essential.

I hope after this, myth of Mangalik dosha would be a history.

Let us prove #predetermination for once and all. Let skeptics and scientists examine it.

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On this page , we would be restricting to only #LifescapeAstrology specific content.
For General content , you can see my personal page at:
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