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All the best liferay solutions @ one place
All the best liferay solutions @ one place


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REST Client OSGi Bundle
Hello Friends, If you are planing to create HTTP REST client using OSGi, Just follow the steps. 1) Create bundle project of type API using IDE 2) Write one Class called package;

import com.liferay.portal.kernel.config...

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Captcha & reCaptcha with Liferay 7
If you are planning to integrate captcha in you liferay custom portlet then use below stuff view.jsp: <portlet:resourceURL id="/login/captcha" var="captchaURL"/> <liferay-captcha:captcha url="<%=captchaURL%>" /> Write : @Compo...

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Know Module And Component
The main reason for LIFERAY to move into module framework is, Creating small modules (Tightly coupled) Publish and consume other modules features (Inflexible) Working without static dependencies (Dynamic dependencies) To use module framework, You mainly nee...

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Issues During 6.X to DXP migration
There are couple of common problem which we might facing during migration or upgration from 6.X to Liferay DXP. We will discuss all possible items over here. 1) Module not showing active state in OSGi ? If you have deployed your module and not showing activ...

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Overriding LPKG Files : Liferay DXP
Liferay provides a way to update modules without modifying the original LPKG
file they're packaged in. You can do this by overriding the LPKG file. To override a JAR or WAR from any LPKG other than the Static LPKG,  1) first create
a folder named override i...

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Liferay 7 : Module Framework (OSGi)
Hello Friends, I am sure you would be happy to see Liferay in some new way of development rather than just what you are doing currently. Yes I am talking about Liferay 7. I know very few people aware that LIFERAY is going to launch new version of Liferay (L...

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Liferay 7 - New Look
Hello Friends, Here its some new looks which you will be able to see in up coming version of Liferay. Yeahhh It's Liferay 7 Trailer : Home Page: Web Content: Document & Media : Blog: Wiki: Message Board: Web Form: Dynamic Data List: My Pages: Configuration ...

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6.X Portlet to DXP Module Convesion
Follow below steps to convert Liferay MVC Portlet to Module: 1)  First Step is, you will have to download plugin-sdk for DXP/Liferay 7 because Liferay has provided one tool which gives you facility to show breaking API changes in your portlet. 2) Once you r...

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Overriding classes and properties using OSGi - DXP
Hello Friends, Here i have published all possible ways to override Liferay classes and properties for which we were using hook in older Liferay version.   1) Create Custom portlet data handler  @Component(         property = {             "javax.portlet.nam...
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