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Life in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, Iqama, Jawazat, MOI, Kafeel, Exit Re-Entry Visa
Saudi Arabia, Iqama, Jawazat, MOI, Kafeel, Exit Re-Entry Visa


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When are women going to drive in Saudi Arabia?
The women around the world
have shown us that they are not an inferior creation. They are as capable as
men. We have seen that women have emerged as successful CEO’S, managers,
sportsperson and even they have shown their strengths by serving Army. The thing...

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How four brothers triggered terror attacks across Saudi Arabia?
The four terror brothers namely Jassim, Ghazi Ali al-Qedehi, Bassim, and Maitham are the ones who made terrorist activities in Saudi Arabia’s district, Awamiyah. The Al Qedehi brothers were found guilty of dealing in drugs, kidnapping of civilians and terro...

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What are the Vaccination Rules for Hajj Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia?
Every year, millions of
Muslims perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. These Muslims belong to different
nations. As atmosphere differs from nation to nation, people tend to get ill.
They tend to catch up infectious diseases. Or in another case, they may come
along ...

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Procedure to Pay the Fee for Hajj to Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia
We have already explained the procedure to apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The procedure is simple and easy to understand. We have tried to explain each and every step of the procedure in detail. The final step to complete the Hajj registration in Saudi Ara...

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No More Expats in Baqalas – Only Saudis to be allowed to work in Grocery Stores
Rapid changes are taking
place in Saudi Arabia. We have seen that Saudi Arabian government is giving
priority to its citizens now. With the implementation of expat dependent fee
and localization of many jobs, it seems like Saudi Arabia is concerned about it...

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Governor of Asir orders to deport 2 expat drivers for their reckless driving
Driving any vehicle is a
great responsibility. If you are driving carelessly, you not only risk your
life but also put others life at a great danger. Traffic accidents are very
common around the world. The reason behind these accidents is that people do not...

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A restaurant owner in Singapore takes his 27 employees for Umrah free of cost
The Zam Zam restaurant of
Singapore notified that it would be closed during the last 10 days of Ramadan.
It was published on the social media so that its far off customers, especially
from Johor and Tuas, would not come all the way to see the restaurant clo...

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A girl arrested by Police for wearing mini-skirt in Saudi Streets
Saudi Arabia is indeed a
conservative society when it comes to women. Women here are not allowed to
drive cars as they cannot hold a driving license. Women here cannot dress as
they want; they are to cover themselves properly. In public, a woman shall be

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4 Major Reasons Why Children are being kidnapped in Saudi Arabia
Recently, newspapers have
reported numerous cases of kidnapping. This is quite alarming. If you go into
the details of this news you would find out that most kids were kidnapped at
the grocery stores. This has caused a panic among the parents. They feel tha...

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King Salman orders to arrest Prince Saudi for torturing a normal citizen
Sometimes when people are given power and authority, they tend to misuse it. They believe they can do anything they want and they won’t be held accountable for it. This is a worldwide phenomenon, some powerful people tend to use their powers to oppress othe...
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