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Want to show off your new webapp, or all of your development projects? Maybe you just want a quick and dirty personal website to point everyone to? Github Pages make it fast, easy, and free:
Most people consider GIthub just a repository for code and a place where developers can collaborate on projects and visitors can download cool new open-source applications.
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Static webpages, yes (even if generated by Jekyll on the fly), but I don't find any mention of "webapps" (i.e., non-empty server-side content) in GitHub pages.
Your article mentions Rails, but I doubt that GitHub runs a dedicated instance of Rails for each user/project page... Can you tell us a bit more?
+Sylvain Soliman - We have a couple of examples linked in the post. Head down near the bottom and you'll see a few links. :)
Impress.js, Deck.js or Sravan Reddy's example are all pure JS... Am I missing something?
No +Sylvain Soliman - you're probably not missing anything. I've tweaked the language to fit in with what I know for fact works as opposed to the way the features were described to me, hopefully that'll alleviate any confusion by anyone else who reads the post and has the same question.
Ok, thx, the term "webapp" is quite fuzzy indeed, but it's the Rails reference that surprised me...
+Eric Hubbel yes, kind of. One GitHub user who had pointed out a Rails issue but wasn't really receiving any attention showed some proof of concept hacks using that Rails bug on his favorite Rails site: GitHub. Note however that there was no leak of info (like user passwds) involved.
Ahh ok. I dont really know anything about github. sometimes I've downloaded programs from there. I had just read a headline recently so wasn't sure exactly what had gone down. Thanks.
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