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Surprise! Your body isn't a toxic wasteland.
The world is filled with plenty of myths about health and your body, many of which have been productized. One of the worst offenders is body detoxification, which attempts to sell you products based ...
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Eat enough fruits, vegies and drink plenty of water while avoiding chemicals, alcohol and other toxins and you don't need to waste money on "detox" BS.
Alcohol for all...on a serious note, eat everything in moderation :)
+Brian Dunning at the Skeptoid podcast has done more than a few shows about this.
my body IS a toxic wasteland xD
If we're not toxic, then why is just about everyone sick or needing to see a dr. all the time. I am all for detoxifying and cleansing your body. This sounds like someone is once again trying to say how wrong natural health care is. But please go ahead and keep throwing your hard earned dollars into our failing healthcare system, and continue being sick. And yes your liver and your kidneys do detoxify your body. But can they keep up with the amount of junk and chemicals you put into them daily.
+Serena Haury Why is it that my friends who are busy detoxifying spend more time sick than my family and I do?

I'm not ready to say that there is nothing to the detox idea but it doesn't seem to have strong evidence to support it either.
Everyone is sick and needing a doctor all the time because they don't eat their veggies, drink water, or exercise. Detox is a myth to sell people another "miracle cure" for what ails them, because (commence whiny voice) doing the right thing is hard (end whiny voice).
And all this time I thought detox products were for stoners hoping to flush their system before their next probation meeting.
Matt C
Wouldn't water and exercise be the best detox? I'm speaking specifically about testable drugs, but I don't know how other stuff applies.
Matt C
I guess people with the lowest amount of body fat would have the most advantage for some stuff.
I'm always amazed that people fearful of modern medicine so willingly pump their dollars into "natural" cures, as if that massive industry is somehow more trustworthy. Marketing is neat.
I just wish for once they would tell us how bad the medicine people take is for us, and how it doesn't work either. But you never hear about that. Only about how natural medicine doesn't work. Perhaps none of it works.
+Mike Evans Well it's good that your inhaler is able to help you. But have you ever stopped and wondered what it is that is causing your asthma? Or do you just go along with whatever medical medicine says. And what about the harm to other parts of your body that the chemicals in the inhaler may be causing. People just don't care anymore.
+Scott Mansfield Well thousands of years of research have shown how well and how bad certain things work. And the ones that work are the ones we are still using today. Modern medicine is full of chemicals that weren't around thousands of years ago.
Damn... I wish I had read ALL the comments:) For one I do eat a healthy diet, I do not take any modern medicine, or herbs, I do not keep cleaning chemicals in my house. But there is still so much that I have no control over. And I do believe in cleansing and detoxifying your body. But I do it by restricting the foods I eat. My whole point is people should educate themselves before they say something is not what it says it is, just because someone told them.
I guess I'm the ignorant one cause I actually have a mind of my own...
I'm a respiratory therapist, and I know what is in inhalers. You could also if you look at the medication labels. You can know what harm it can cause by reading the side effects on the label. You can potentially avoid those side effects by taking the medication per the manufacturer's guidelines and under supervision of a licensed physician. Modern medicine is based on science, mostly rigorously tested science. Yes, there are greedy drug companies and sometimes incompetent medical practitioners who improperly prescribed medication. However, that doesn't mean chewing on tree bark is a better way to treat an infection than the appropriate antibiotic. Feel free to be anti-science at your own risk.
I don't doubt that most detox products are horseshit but the liver and kidneys cannot remove everything effectively. Heavy metals like mercury come to mind.
None! That was kinda my point.
Just ask Jenny McCarthy. Pretty soon your kid will shit out their autism.
+Mike Evans you're* for starters, and I do not need a college degree to tell you that I live in a country where I have the right to believe my mind over science. Do you believe everything the Government feeds you in your scholastic career? We need more people to be open-minded and think for themselves.
+Serena Haury But saying all modern medicine is crap is absurd. Can therapeutic effects be exaggerated and side-effects glossed over by greedy pharma? Yes. Does this mean all medicine is horseshit? Fuck no. To think that is to have no fundamental understanding of chemistry.
+Serena Haury there are so many things wrong with what you have said.
Please for your own good and before you harm yourself or someone you care about, actually learn about science, and medicine, and the history, and procedures of both.

No one (up to that point) said you were ignorant but yourself.
You are however grossly misinformed.
Nice try at the pitty wildcard.

In point, "thousands of years of research".
You do know that human beings only started to settle down about 10,000 years ago right?, and in that time we've had written language for about 5,000 years.
There are some records showing medical usage of plants dating back with those early records.
However that is not "research" that is keeping a log of things that work for certain situations.
Each record with gaps and certainly no form of consensus or controlled testing for treatments, which is a key part of medical research.

Also you have the right to be an idiot, you also have the right to be vocal with your misinformed, under and or uneducated opinions, and to parrot these things based off of flawed or no data whatsoever.

Everyone else also has the right to point out to you that you are wrong, tell you why, and then freely call you a fucking idiot to your face when you simply dig in your heals holding onto stated ignorance rather than correct a misunderstanding you held about the amazing world we live in.
+Walter Las Stoners detox by not smoking, upping their water intake and coloring the urine to a proper color by taking a B-complex vitamin...
+Mike Evans Yeah, but that can be tough to get it through the test, depending on how they test you and how monitored you are. I just give them no reason to test :D
My employer reserves the right to test 'with cause', so if you show up wasted (TN, so we don't even have medical) they'll test you. They try to test only on employment, but they've done 'group' testing before and reserve it as a threat. Sucks, but oh well. I'll keep pushing for legalization.
I tend to like the idea of fewer government regulations and less intervention. However, at times when products & procedures like these hit the market I do sorta wish the FDA would smack them down.
Surprise for the gullible. It didn't exist 40 years ago, were people toxic back then?
Guys, you can't argue rationally with someone who says "i believe my mind over science". Move on.
+Pierre Gardin A lot of the problems that people have these days are largely the result of a sedentary lifestyle and the high availability of junk food. If you stay active, and eat properly, you'll stay quite a lot healthier; no need for any 'miracle drug' or special remedy.
I love watching arguments about the merits of science conducted via the Internet.
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