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Time to change your passwords!
If you have a LinkedIn account it's a good time to change your password. Up to 6.5 million user accounts and encrypted passwords have reportedly been leaked and posted to a Russian hacker site. Linked...
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Kerri F
Well, I'm glad I deleted my account
Haven't been on this site in months but the changing passwords sounds like a good idea 
+Kerri F That doesn't mean your information isn't still in their database.

I always find it weird people bang on LinkedIN.  Its very valuable for what its for, business networking, and I know recruiters look at it all the time, whether you are applying for a job or not.
The constant invitations to sign up from my unemployed friends was never much of an incentive.
changed it, I never bothered finishing my profile anyway.
If LinkedIn's encryption is strong there should be few problems. Sounds scary, but should still be secure.
+Brandt Hambrick, I agree. Thanks to its smaller size and its mostly superior S/N ratio, LinkedIn can be a comfortable, interesting place to spend time on business, career, and avocational interests
The only time I login to LinkedIn is to accept or decline connection requests. If someone hacks into my account, what are they going to do... improve my resume?
it all depend on the encryption length
LinkedIn has bushwack written all over it.  I avoided it like the plague.
Really... change your pwd's, and do the same for any services that you have that share the same password. The encryption length talk doesn't avail to much since the passwords were encrypted without any added salt. Relatively common passwords will be easy as hell to crack with a decent rainbow table.
Kerri F
+Skyler Call I put very basic info in there as was hoping to use to help find work and all it did was send me spam.
To be fair, I could never remember my password for it. So if I can't I probably wasnt hacked. lol
they r hackers they should be shut down imedatly
yes it dose i am glad that i dont have an account with them
Good thing I shut mines down on the first day
same here, they are welcome to it
i hope they send out some funny emails
i am glad  that i dont have an account
no prob easy to make, do u need
no i dont want tthem to hacked
not only did I change my password on LinkedIn, it was a reminder to change it on other sites.
okay merry kemp, I did not mean to teach and hack
no it is fine it is not ur fault
oh thanks, well one shud change every password of account...
mee2 that is true ur welcome
i dont know ho is john noble
i m not getting how to change password in linkedin
everyone shud feel sorry for people who fall for the chez really...
Where is the information that they don't use a salt (implying they hash the password like they should, not encrypt them)? Encrypting the passwords would be silly.
in think that they should encript all passwords
Found it. Meh, if you have a strong password, you really don't have much to worry about.
Btw, if you don't know the difference between encryption and hashing, I suggest you use this incident to increase you knowledge.
Sounds like a marketing tool for an app called LastPass!! Get real idiot..
I am changing mine without the need of your crab software.
I don't have any top secret type data in my account.... So why to worry :)
You sure you haven't used that password on any of your other common accounts.If yes,change it.
I think that I'll create an account just to say that I've changed my password and of course to up the 6.5m user count.
i know but i dont like what they r doing
i love guys a lot thanks for all the love we give me i prose it
Haha, actually Pleasehackmyaccountandtakeallmymoney would be a very strong password.
I used randomized passwords, so that each site has a super strong unique password. The only problem is that sites still have ridiculous rules like demanding I remove repeating characters, and some sites truncate without telling me, so that the password I store isn't what they saved, so I can't login the next time.
Pao M
So I have to change *1111 to something else???? Craaaap!
cool 12345678900000000000000
Think about changing associated apps passwords etc as well...
The passwords were hashed. Still should update password but everyone is fine.
God i wish i could remember my password ... Hey what's the link to that Russian website ?
If u use same password for other sites change those as well!
Done and thanks even if it wasn't necessary!
damn, I'll have to use something other than '12345' now.
The hacker can use the rainbow table of that big database to make it so much faster to hack a user account. 
changed it to something that i will never remember.
Please google: Idaho Springs Man Can't Clear Name From Crime He Didn't Commit... and:  Mistaken Murder Arrest Still On Man's Record 37 Years Later... two short news segments.  I pity the fool that steals my identity, if he takes it criminal history and all.  Len Haglund, LinkedIn, facebook, google+, etc.
found unlink to linkedin...funny...unliock of war.
Can't even remember maybe this will help...omg thats " alheimerze" can't remember.
Relax, laugh....ha.ha.ha.
Truly I say" This too shall pass."
You don't even know me, why be critical about my being funny...."funny girl."
I have nothing of value on any internet accounts. I keep mine in a bank. Like a normal person.
there is no such thing as internet security- the closest you can get is to use the console and watch live- any program, any site, can be hacked- end of story.
dem Russians hackin' at amarican computers!!!
Fuck me in the ass hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeh and the first site to say it's impenetrable will be the obvious target. 
Never used LinkedIn, never will. :)
Well here is another example of just how your secure password really is.
Do people even use linkedin anymore?
Tell them to clean up my Resume while they're at it
What r 'they' gonna do with these passwords or info anyway??
Where is this directory like a phone book where it lists all email addresses and who they belong to?
what if you used "facebook" to join linked in.. or G+ ????
Just feel sad for Linkedin!!!
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