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We still like Windows 8, but this is useful for those of you that don't.
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Why would anyone do that?!
Windows 8 is awesome! 
I'm not a big fan of Windows 8! OMG what in the World was M$ thinking??!
Guys guy guys.. There is no real difference between the operating systems. You press the windows button and you have your shiny desktop back >_>
Kin M
A few of my favorite programs aren't supported in Windows 8 so that's enough for me to downgrade.
invite their friends to use win8.. they'll use it too. lol. 
Honestly, what is so bad about Windows 8? I've used it for a couple weeks, got a new computer with it preinstalled, and I was real nervous about using it, thought I wouldn't like it.. I was wrong! It has really made things easier overall, it's fast, fun, and fluid!
I'm yet to hear anyone come up with a good reason why they don't like it other than the fact that everyone else doesn't.
Don't use the windows 8 Gmail application. It says it sends your outbound emails but they never reach their respective destinations. 
Quejera - basic settings are 5 steps deep instead of 2 or 3, sometimes burried even deeper then that
you can't customize the start menu, there are no folders, you have your whole "start menu" as in all programs but you can't do anything, can't even move icons between groups - think of all the folders companies make in your start menu by default, now you can do nothing about it

picture password sounds great, but you have to be exactly the right distance of the lines - there is not really much of a "snap to" you can also be off on the angle so you better get it right

full screen "apps" - basic applications want to take up an entire screen, they show split screen but you can only show 10% of one and 90% of another, if you try and 50 / 50 split it you get 90% of one or the other.  Full screen apps are probably my biggest peev with it, I can customize my own icons somehow, it's just silly how complicated and cumbersome they made it trying to make it simple.

Hope that helps.
LOL! The posters saying "Ubuntu" should really stop saying that
You're making Ubuntu sound like a downgrade. Heheh!
Windows 8: Clash of the UI Paradigms. In cinemas this year!
+Stanley Nakis yeah but comon there really isn't that many software incompatibilities at all, the only real thing to look out for is your drivers
For me it's only incompatibility with some software
If you're going from x64 to x64 it shouldn't be a big change.  Anything supported by Vista is good to go in 8, few XP x32 programs might be a tad off.
Actually when it comes to win8 vs win7 I'd go win8. Is there any way yo upgrade to win8 for free? (Sarcasm)
just install the Start Button, and it's a windows 7 machine for all intents and purposes, except that it is faster, slicker, more stable and easier to use! :)
Just install Ubuntu & it's a faster, slicker, more stable, less virus-prone computer.  
shhh, just let them use what they'll use and it'll stay that way
You can almost completely stay on the desktop. My wife didnt even know my computer had the metro interface after she had been using it for a few weeks.
It isn't vista - it performs very well, but it may be ME
i don't mind windows 8, just click desktop mode, problem solved crybabies!
for you folks who 'don't like it because that's the popular choice' - been using it for almost 8 months now in various stages, on my main machine for everything. Not found a single bit of software that doesn't work. My laptop starts from COLD, in 45 seconds - that is power on to logon to ready to start working. On Windows 7 (same machine), this took 1 minute 20 at best.
Who cares how fast it boots up. Still performs the same when its completed. If you want it to boot up quicker then turn on the computer before you initially intended in the first place.
Why would someone downgrade to 7, just upgrade to Linux for free, forever, and kiss your blue screen of death and malware goodbye. 
Every other windows os they make is fail. Windows 7 is the best windows version this far. I messed with 8 a little and its just another vista
For those who don't understand what the Metro Interface in Windows 8 is good for: try to use the classic windows start menu by tapping on it with your finger on touch screens... That should bring some enlightenment. For those who use it on a regular PC, use the desktop + metro. Pretty simple, isn't it?
Vista = fail windows 8 = fail
Peoples , tell me how Microsoft's fu_k you up.
I might be a idiot but I have a masters degree in computer science. I don't feel like sitting here typing a article explaining why it sucks. Go Google it since your the genius
how come u didn;t like win 8?
+kris stone A masters degree in computer science does not qualify you to make that statement. You are a member of the "I don't like it because somebody said so" association. 
OH GREAT they fixed windows 8 at last ! its the best windows Yet coas it lets you downgrade to windows 7.... 
Why would anyone downgrade? Everyone should be upgrading and experience the awesomeness of windows 8
Server2003ee was the best windows OS.  there is no reason to use anything else.  
Windows 8 has its flaws (specifically the clash of interfaces), but I've been using it since October and I find it for most things to be simpler, and therefore better for the average user. It's not a lot of learning, its a lot of unlearning frankly.
Anthony Nogales i bet you also have a iphone
No start button = worth downgrade. So damn annoying . 
+Brendan Fan but what about the windows key and the start menu? Yea its bigger but the serve the same function.
Well from some of what I've been reading I might be a knucklehead... I've ran into a couple of issues that no driver made for windows 8. Is that not yet or ever? Didn't know I needed a new printer! QuickBooks? Need to get 2013 now?I just got 2012! I don't know what it is, Microsoft or hardware makers that aren't keeping up but nothing works for me give me 7 back! Guess I have to bail on Outlook too.!
+Nic Moore I'm running QUickbooks 2012 without any problems on Win8 64.
Also, for apps which are being difficult, try compatibility modes, otherwise, install the Hypervisor and install a seperate VM with Win7/XP/whatever.
I've got some old development system which requires a 32 bit environment, so I run a VMWare (V9) machine for that!
+Nic Moore try the equivalent (32 or 64bit) driver for your printer, typically would work. As for quickbooks, yea, ran into that issue with a customer recently. Outlook works though.
+Rob van den Heuvel most of it is under the hood or touch benefits. I like the interface changes (especially if I ever get a Windows tablet) and having a dedicated app store is a nice feature to me.
+Chris Johnson I'm just going to point out if you were really trying to "stick it to them" you would be looking at OS X or Linux. Downloading the previous OS illegally simply says "I like what you did before, do more of that."
"Steps to revert back to Windows 7:

1. Click the desktop icon or hit the windows key.

2. That's it."
Windows 8 and server 2012 are massive impovements and if you bother to go out of your way to learn the shortcut keys you will see how slick it can be! for linux distros I LOVED them but had to swap back due to visual studio :( ....embrace and explore new technology ;)
+Scott Mitchell embrace new technology, get Ubuntu or Mint :-). Plenty out there similar to visual studio 
Run in wine or best yet in virtual machine 
+Rob van den Heuvel. There are lots of benefits dependent on the type of user for example the metro interface brings all of your feeds, mail and social bits into one place that's there at a glance which is fantastic for the average user that mainly consumes web content theres good intergration and implementation of skydrive for cloud storage and docunent management, versioning for your files contained within the library etc etc the list goes on 
Chris M
All the OSes are worth trying but Windows 8 still wins. It's faster than older Windows, and ubuntu. It's more compatible than chrome, cheaper as a package and less dull than OSX.
+Brian Rohan tried mono but for c# development you can't beat visual studio and add ons such as resharper wine doesn't like it :(... had mint its awesome!
And how you downgrade from win8 to 7? Change the theme or just the wallpaper? =D
Wait few months for windows 9 
Or pay 5 bucks to install start8 and get your start bar back 
8 and 16 bit programs should be retired don't you think! 
+Simon Victory apparently you haven't used Enterprise. 8 lets me run Live 8.2 and that's it for no lagging. On 7, Live doesn't lag. Love 8 interface, hate 8 performance. 
haha. and the windows train continues to fall slowly into the abyss
This has become the new tech battle, first it was Android vs. Apple, now it's Windows 8 vs. The world. And I'll help part of an argument: WinXP was great. WinVista had too many bugs and seemed like nothing more than a beta for Win7. Win7 looked beautiful, easier than ever with Aero functions, plus DOS is back! Win8 has it's strong points, but for someone like me that uses the OS for tech purposes, it was confusing to get used to the layout. But on the other hand, for the basic users of PCs, it did make gaming and other applications easier. Dealer's choice. Not a fan of 8, so I'll simply stick to 7/Ubuntu/XP. Microsoft might pull me there when I see what 9 has to offer.
If you dont like win8 then get a macbook 
You can also share how to upgrade windows 8 to linux :-)
Levi H
Nice to know there is a legit way of doing this!
A better way is to just install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It works and it's free. You don't have to call and beg anyone for anything,
I don't know what the big deal is. Windows 8, in a sense, is just a souped up Windows 7, while at the same time it is so much more. Yes, the Metro tiles thing is unneeded for the majority of us, but contrary to popular belief, there is a fully integrated desktop mode which almost mirrors the design of Windows 7. Just simple switch to desktop mode, and stay there. If it ain't (completely) broke, don't fix it.
No "power user" who deals with hundreds of files and has multiple explorer windows/folders and programs open on the same time can be possibly like Win8.
I'm dual booting ubuntu and win8 on my laptop :-)
+Liam Terry wait till you have to use a real program. I have a couple of Linux boxes but it's a proprietary world and not much works on them. No Adobe, Microsoft (clients force me to use that), silverlight (moonlight doesn't always work) etc. Pain in the ass. Shame. 
Downgrade rights aren't designed for people who don't like the os. They're for corporations who have workstations running, say, windows 7, who need to purchase a few new ones. Rather than retraining staff and techs, you just downgrade the new pc's to win7.
did windows 8 support ... common sense?

Also +sham synysterz  : Win 8 still runs any 'normal' programs, as long as it isn't Win8 RT.
Win8 just feels disjointed between the menu and the desktop. Menus good for quickly glancing at rss feeds or tickers. Dont get me started with how they handle settings and contols I mean seriously why extra steps? Takes 3 to even turn off the pc. Meh.
Microsoft has bad OS and they cost fortune. I am not sure why people don't go for Linux and OpenOffice? It's no brainier to go for Linux that it does not cost anything for people to upgrade, which is also more user friendly than Windows, and most of the applications are free. And the security on Linux is great as.
Linux Mint. Loved Ubuntu until Unity came along.
Running Mythbuntu and XFCE for Tv PVR.
Frankly I love everything that's new in windows 8 and my only problem with it being software compatibility of a few of my favorite applications. In other words just DUAL BOOT ;)
+steve tidy Yes, good choice - I agree completely. I am running Ubuntu 12.10 and am happy as. And I refuse to pay $$$ for crappy OS from Microsoft unfortunately. Still running one system on Solaris for the past 6 years and it has not crashed once. Will switch to Ubuntu eventually :).
+Chris Johnson Why don't you consider Ubuntu and OpenOffice - they are free and very easy to use. Plus the user community will help you if you need help, which you cannot expect from Micfos$it users because the Systems Administrators think that everything is a secret and that they do not want to share the knowledge.
I tried the beta. I have mixed feelings so maybe I should give the final a shot before I condemn it. It just had a cheap feel to it and I really dont need apps on my desktop. I need and use programs.
Start8 costs 5 bux. Then you see something like win7 but you're running win8
Windows 8 was the best thing to happen to me. I showed it to a friend of mine who needed to buy a new laptop, and then I showed him my laptop running Ubuntu.

He now wants Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is nice but lack good reinstall tools.
i m happy with my windows 7....:-)
Windows 8 is gud , Windows 7 is bttr but Windows XP is bst
It's so cute how FUD is being spread about Ubuntu as well on the same post. Canonical must be doing something right if Windows users see a need to defend Windows 8 when shown the Ubuntu alternative.
Forget all this hoop jumping. Love the Penguin!
So to downgrade you need to buy a W7 disk with a new key and install on top of W8 ???

Easier just to install W7 as is and remove W8 completely then install your favourite Linux distro for dual boot :) 
Reminds me of the option to downgrade from Vista to XP.
Try Linux for size. It's very cool. 
Come on people, when there are "how to downgrade" tutorials for a product you KNOW there's something wrong with the product!
You failed to mention that very few consumer machines come with 8 pro.
Craig D
People you have already downgraded your Computer by sticking Windows on it. Rotfl. Windows 8 has been a blessing - it has caused more people to move over to Linux then any other time in history. That is confirmed by going over to distrowatch website and checking the huge increase in Linux downloads. Yes, Linux still only has around a 5% share of the desktop market, but the good news is more people are making the transition to a proprietary free desktop and freedom is good :-D
To the Haters: Download a start menu program... There are like 20 of them. Then stay in desktop mode. You now have Windows 7 but lighter, faster, and more fluid. Sheesh people it's not rocket science. Windows 8 is GREAT. People hate change.
LMAO...I had so much trouble trying to put Windows 8 on my Windows 7 computer!  I'm heartened to see this fix, even though I don't need it.  But what a mess the "failed" Wiindows 8 installation made.  Took some time to straighten it out!
Why would a person buy a laptop in this age. Only developers and engineers need a laptop. For personal we have tablets now.
Latest laptops have touch screens, so a lb or two and about the same price for something that does much more.
I like ubuntu but i still need windows
Windows 8 is only good for tablets or touch screens
Windows 8 is fine, it is a good OS. It is fast, stable, and looks nice. Yes, it is definitely more efficient for tablets and touch screens, but it is completely fine on all other PCs. It you don't like the tiled menu, simply install classic shell and chill out.
Thanks for this, I really hate the UI. I also hate the redundancy. Why should I have 2 browsers, 2 settings options (desktop and metro).

I don't understand why my PC needs apps. It's like Microsoft forgot that I can install full programs on my PC. While they were at it, they also forgot about this little thing called "the internet" that is sufficient for everything else.

Yeah, but they're makin' money on these apps...especially the ones that came with Windows 7 free and you have t buy for Windows 8....
Ok let me say something! I am Linux user since 2004. I've tried a lot of distros and set up with Ubuntu. Trying always to use the LTS versions. Ubuntu is fine, never let me down! It is efficient for work and game. I also used wine and now using play on linux. I have oracle virtual machine with XP installed. Ubuntu is fine! But, with the later versions, you start having some issues here and there! Like the Nvidia support for example. The new computers are always trying to kick linux out (UEFI bios) and Microsoft is also working on it (using all possible partitions in the HDD). I HATE microsoft, I don't like their way of monopolization! Bet let's be fair! They are trying to get closer to the customer. I got a new Lenovo P serie with Win8. I was about to format and install Ubuntu but then, I decided to give it a try! Win8 isn't bad at all! I started to like it. It has some good features that are available in Linux and honestly it runs more stable than Ubuntu 12.04. Sorry Linux lovers! I am one of you and I am being honest! As I said in different post, the only thing I still hate about win8 that it is a Microsoft product! Else, it is just fine. I keep using Ubuntu on my work laptop but I don't think I'll format win8 any time soon.
Free? That's the problem with people right now, they want everything for free :( 
+Paul Jacobs , people aren't asking for something that is free. When you buy a PC you are also buying the operating system.
I tried Win 8 on both a touchscreen and non-touchscreen. Its great with a touchscreen only screens. Those entry lvl laptops that don't have it should still have 7 on then. Too hard to navigate with a mouse.
Why is ms not in ces this year.... cause win 8 has been a did so far. PC sales have slumped further due to it.
+Greg Mule, try installing Classic Shell, or one similar. I have my tower set up to start in modern/tiles menu, so I have a glimpse of news, emails, calendar events, etc, but then once in desktop mode, it defaults to using the classic start menu. No headaches, it takes all of 30 seconds to set up. I also think that people who have trouble navigating the options in the modern UI forget about their keyboards. All you need to know is "windows"+"C" (charms), and then just the windows key for the start menu (and maybe additionally "alt" + "tab" or "windows" + "tab" if you are using multiple full screen modern apps)... that really shouldn't be all that hard for even a novice user to accomplish.
Why you don't try to go beyond the interface? When I compare an OS, I don't compare the UI! it doesn't make any sense! The UI judgement will vary from one user to another. I tried Gnome for a while, used unity, used KDE,,, Used to like KDE and then started liking Gnome. Didn't like unity when released but now I use it. Didn't like the missing start on win8 but I get over it! What I care more about is the core! 
I am not gonna unintall windows 8 when I get my new windows 8 laptop I am gonna get rid of the metro UI and get the windows start button and I am all set up.
Actually the windows start button you can just install! no big deal!
Most of Linux Distros are free! or at least have free versions.
+Jim Bayes Buying a system76 laptop with Ubuntu will cost you about $800. For $700 I got a Lenovo with better configuration and win8. Got i7 instead of i5, 8GB ram instead of 4 and 1TB HDD instead of 700GB. How much I paid for the win8? Lenovo has 2 years warranty! while Pangoline has 1 year only. Lenovo I got from bestbuy, Pangoline available online only!
Hold your horses there +Oussama LEGHA . Are you saying you use the core interface for each OS, meaning DOS in Windows and the Terminal in Linux? Otherwise, your previous comment on interfaces does not make sense. That is the sort of mentality from the designers that is getting Microsoft Windows 8 and early versions of Unity into trouble.

Apples and oranges on +System76 laptops versus generic brands by the way. You pay extra because everything in a System76 laptop is made to work beautifully with a Linux distro out of the box.
+Rewarp sudo make install when you are using an os, for sure you are using the ui but your experience using it should not stop there. You should also appreciate what is turning in the background. If not, most Microsoft product have the same ui but they are different. Do you agree on that? The same for Linux. You know that you can get any shell you desire by sudo apt-get install and then logout and log in into different interface experience. Do you change the kernel when doing that? No! So the basic stuff remain there and you only change interface. You may get easier way to configure your wireless connection or getting better shortcuts for some apps but that doesn't add drivers, way to discover network elements or anything fundamental like that.
Back to Micro$oft, win8 desktop looks like win7 with the classic start menu missing. No fancy changes. Metro or aero well... it still interface. Now, the speed it boots up, the low energy consumption, the way it auto installed all my network printers and scanners and just the way it works makes the change. Do you still focuse on the ui?

For system76 and out of the box: I installed ubuntu 12.04 on compaq paserio cq and everything started working just out of the box. Did the same on Sony Vaio and everything working just out of the box. The same with Lubuntu on Asus eeepc and it works amazingly out of the box. Any old machine will accept linux (ubuntu) perfectly or with minimum tweaks. The same for system76 computer. You know that system76 doesn't actually build computers yeah? They buy them from Clevo and another company that I don't recall the name now. These companies also make some laptops for Asus as well. You can Google them and buy a computer from them online without os and then install your ubuntu or windows yourself and you save at least $100. And by the way, pangoline from system76 also suffered the famous internal microphone bug when working with ubuntu while sony vaio doesn't out of the box. Also a wifi problem when updating... All these info are available online. The advantage of linux over iOS for example that linux can almost run on any platform (as they said: even on your refrigerator).
So most laptops will actually work beautifully with Ubuntu out of the box and even some phones and tablets. You don't have to pay extra! You have to, only if your are new on linux and needs support using it as their support community is just amazing. The system76 has a very good support.
+Oussama LEGHA  It seems you do not understand. It doesn't matter what's the core of an operating system for most desktop users, but how to interact with it. I will report that I have installed Ubuntu for the friend of mine I mentioned above. He has made the transition without issue, and is now typing away and doing work - which is what a GUI should be.

Let people just boot up the machine and work! It doesn't matter how efficient Windows 8 is, if it stops people from just sitting down, booting up the machine, and working - but throws in a "and you must learn to live with this new interface which we just forced onto you or try some fix to return it to normal" it will cause people to rage.

You also missed the point about System76 laptops. They are guaranteed to work with Linux out of the box. True, they do not manufacture the stuff - but they do the next best thing: lovingly hand assemble and test every component before it leaves the facility. They even have a PPA to support laptops purchased from them for patches. If this is the bug you are referring to ( System76 employees are actually answering and providing solutions personally. They take the pain of uncertainty out of purchasing computers.

Once again, making life easier for the end user is the whole point of this LifeHacker post. Does your OS run faster? Is the filesystem a new updated version with journalling? As Linus Torvalds said: THE USER DOESN'T CARE.
Many program on Linux Unix are lacking in features. Open office sucks compared to ms office 2k13, and so on... so I would say those that don't care don't know what they are missing 
+Stello Doussis - what? I like windows 8 and I am a super power user, 8-10 programs open at once. Tweaked my performance as always and there is 1 sec lag in windows ! Sometimes less.. but I am using an SSD drive.
Don't let people fool you... converting from windows is a big pain in the ass and you loose lots of functionality. Windows is stable and on the cutting edge, Linux Unix is stable because it only uses old proven drivers... I would be worried if old driver were not stable !?!?!?!/! 
FUD from +Paul Jacobs . It's rather telling when one has to lie to defend Microsoft Windows/Office.

Microsoft won't even properly support the Open Document Format and their own OOXML format properly after writing a 1000 document on why OOXML should be the standard.

I just installed Ubuntu for my friend who has never used Linux before in 15 minutes. He is already using it right now, without complaints.

Window's cutting edge means breaking compatibility. Do you know why my friend chose a FreeDOS laptop? Because his software can't run on Windows 8. Going to do either a dualboot or a virtual machine installation of Windows 7 just to run that software which is not supported by Windows 8.

And please explain why having reliable Linux drivers is a bad thing?
+Rewarp sudo make install  Well, maybe I am wrong when comparing myself to an average user you are talking about. Any ways. I love my ubuntu! and I like my win8 :). For the MS Office, I use LibreOffice on my win8 machine! I don't like MS Office. and what concerns system 76, as I said, I agree that they are doing supper good support and that's something that nobody can deny! They are a very good choice and I strongly recommend them for guys moving from windows to Linux (there is TOO MANY of them).
+Rewarp sudo make install - so you don't know how to use office? That's cool just don't call me a liar. Installed windows 8 in 10 min on SSD drive. FreeDos? Dude, put the dos down and walk in to the 20th century 
When you have to use an old comparable driver to install NICs,video cards and sound cards you can not take advantage of the full function of it so yes that's bad 
No +Paul Jacobs . Don't misunderstand English, or try to escape your fallacious assertions by throwing in new red herrings.

"Many program on Linux Unix are lacking in features. Open office sucks compared to ms office 2k13, and so on... so I would say those that don't care don't know what they are missing"
It's not a missing feature when Microsoft intentionally poorly supports open standards so that shills like you can claim Linux support for office formats is "lacking in features".

"Windows is stable and on the cutting edge, Linux Unix is stable because it only uses old proven drivers"
Windows uptime on servers is laughable. And as I already said, cutting edge for Microsoft means breaking compatibility for programs, forcing companies and users to buy new software by generating an artificial demand.

Plus, you did not answer my question too on what problems do you have with having reliable drivers? You have painted yourself into a corner by implying anything old is bad and anything new must be good.

Answer these and then we move on to your other FUDdery on SSDs.
you can install/ run Microsoft office 2003 under playonlinux as long as you don't want to cross-convert an office document between applications.  My only issue with Linux at the moment is the lack of proper 3D support for the Intel HD Cards which come with most budget laptops.
+Paul Jacobs I see you have responded a few days after my last comment. Notifications are buggy on G+.

For saying essentially nothing and hoping to prove you are right and I agree with you, I can now remorselessly file you under the "ignore" category for making claims without a semblance of evidence, and trotting offshoots while hoping everyone will overlook the fact that you haven't answered anything critically..
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