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Everyone has the friend that lingers a little too long, right?
Ever had friends or family who somehow manage to turn a quick meeting into a four hour ordeal? It's frustrating when you have things to do and people overstay their welcome, but getting rid of them is...
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I generally just do the "hey guys, sorry but I'm gonna kick you out, need to get some stuff done. Sorry!" and it never pisses anyone off. 
Yeah that's good too. I feel like all this "subversive" methodology might serve, especially if you're not a great actor, to make your guests think you simply don't want them around at all.
If there's people that can enter in my house and can stay 1h or 4h, it means i know them well enought to also be clear on their timing, with a lot of diplomacy :) if you have things to do, you'll check the clock, but if they don't, they won't... so a reminder won't hurt anyone :)
We (wife and i) only really have a close group of friends anymore, and if any of them decide to hang around too long, "We love ya like family, but it's time to go. But, we'll do this again sometime soon!"

They do it to us too :D

Maybe a small butt-hurt in the moment, but never any residual anger.

EDIT: tl;dr - do it like a bandaid.
I've really never had this problem.  I try not to overbook myself though. 
Heh, we have a specific person at our lab that does this, and I've had to wingman friends out of their grip.
Some you are eager to see come over --others when they leave 
If we're inviting people over, the invitation includes the time at which we kick out anyone still there. If anyone were to throw a hissy fit about it at that time, that would be their last invitation here.

I'm also up-front about time limits if I'm arranging to meet someone somewhere else. If I run into someone I know when I'm out and about, I probably do have a time limitation to cite when I want to end the conversation. When all else fails, citing biological needs will work, but not everyone is comfortable with doing that. (Doing the antsy shifting of the body before excusing oneself to go to the restroom sells it, if you don't really need it except as an excuse to end the conversation.)

The body language thing will not work on everyone, as some people just don't grok body language. If you're dealing with someone like that, there's a decent chance that clear verbal communication is the best way to deal with that person, period.
Haha. I just stand up and go "Hey guys, GTFO." If people are over at my house they are my friends, I should be able to speak plainly to my friends.
Are you living next to the Pool family on Small Wonder?
In general Im not above making an excuse to exit through situation. For the most part though if someone's a linger-er I find a reason to meet elsewhere.
for people staying late at night the saying, "we better go to bed, so these nice people can go home."  works.
Wonder if this would work on my boss?
To cut a bad date short: text your roomie to call you with an "emergency".. it works!
Oooh, do tell.. how do you access it?
Usually I will pick up and move their chairs away when their in the bathroom. Lol
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