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What skills do you always wish that you had and just haven't found the time to learn?
We're no unskilled lot of people, but most of us wish we'd picked up the guitar or become fluent in French at some point in our lives. What skill have you always wanted to learn but just never found ...
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The guitar .... i think this is on every ones list! :)
"Never found time" Time is predetermined, you can't make more. If you haven't put time and effort into something you don't want it enough. Plenty of people say that want to learn the guitar but do nothing about it. Stop making excuses and start now!
I wish I was fluent in Russian. I know a few words and phrases, and I know the alphabet, but not much else...
Ever since I started going to college, I haven't had time to do anything useful (I'm a freshman; I'm only taking one class related to my major, the others are useless)... That being said, I'd like to dedicate more time to learning Japanese and coding for web design.
I bought my guitar 6.5 years ago (freshman year of college).... I still don't know how to play it really :/ I had friends at the time that were going to teach me, but then I stopped hanging out with those friends a few months later. School got busy (excuses, excuses, ect.) and here I am, it sits on a stand, I finally took it out of it's case in the closet and put it on display thinking I'd pick it up more. I've wanted to learn for years, since high school at least. I just get self conscious about it and get discouraged when I can't play a note right because my hands don't reach the strings properly, or I'm just doing it wrong.

Sigh Someday I will eventually pick it up more than twice a year.
Play saxophone and/or drums. One day, one day...
Didn't know that guitar and French were on most people's list. They are my top 2 as well.
Guitar is pretty easy guys. Just go buy one and Google different chords and song tabs. I learned basic guitar in like a day.
+Joseph Spens Although, I'd give a lot more for the ability to find the right girl, than the ability to talk to any of them.

I've always meant to learn amateur radio. Learned a lot of the basics when I was a kid, never really studied up and took the test though.
Coding, and the ability to make small talk with strangers. In that order
Where to start? Non-procrastination, instrument (piano, guitar), other language(s), drawing/painting, patience, get and stay fit...
Electronics. I'd love to be able to make my own hardware.
Guitar (and bass), programming, and learn another language. I've recently started working on the first two, but I'm nowhere near skilled yet.
Banjo...never had time or money to pursue it the way I wanted to.
Languages: I wanna brush up my French, learn Japanese, learn Yiddish, and learn Russian.
Cooking/food skills: Butchering-I want to learn how to butcher meat properly. I want to learn charcuterie (sausage making), and I want to learn how to make candy properly...I've mastered bread, now bring on the rest.
Other skills: I want to learn to program. I want to learn woodworking, sculpture and glass-blowing. I also want to learn good ol' fashioned wood carving.
Pick up at least 2 more languages; practice and get really good on the piano; learn to hunt deer; if I were rich, learn to fly a private jet; get some serious carpentry skills; work many math problems of increasing difficulty.
I wish I had learned how to speak French. I'm trying to do that a little bit now. But never really enough time...
I wanted to learn guitar so I bought a very cheap one, and play it for a bit everyday. (Its something i can do while watching my toddler.) Once a week I share what I've been practising with friends and it keeps me motivated. It's only been four months, but I'm very happy with the results.

Sometimes the trick is to make a first step: enrol in a class, scratch that, download a brochure for a class, look on craigs list for a guitar, look for the "teach yourself.." book, download an app...

Go learn! Good luck!
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