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Keyboard ninjas and mouse navigators can both get something out of PopClip's supercharged text selection.
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you mean your mac's ONLY click?
Except macs have had left and right click for like 7 years and supported multi-button mice even longer. Where have you been?
Spot the person who hasn't used a Mac in years... 
I find all of the comments above very funny that are calling people out for not knowing anything about macs and not having used them for years... clearly you don't know as much about your own products history as you think you do. Although they have supported mice with dual buttons for a fairly long time, they have NOT shipped with any such mouse. For the longest time any two button mouse that was finally supported on a mac was produced by a third party manufacturer. The "simplicity" of the one button mouse was a philosophy of apple that was very closely adhered to for a long time... only recently have they decided to depart from that design decision... and they have chosen to do so in their own quirky way. The slow adaptation to more advanced cursor inputs was, in my opinion and many others', clearly a marketing and design decision above all.
The right click mouse has been shipping with it for years. shrug
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