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Tone down those movie recommendations ever so slightly and your friends might actually enjoy what you suggest.
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Translation: Don't overpromise and put someone else in the position of having to underdeliver and take the hit for it.  :/
Excellent point. Also good for customer service: "Under promise, over deliver" Your customers will be happy.
I solve everything with a fudge zone. That is why I am 280 lbs.
For years -- yeeeeears -- I've been using "It's a'ight" as code for OMFGWTFBBQILOVETHISANDWANTTOSHAREITWITHYOU.  Somehow it works for my friends who know it's a code word -- they know I'm excited, but they're reminded that tastes are individual and they shouldn't get their expectations up.
Isn't that Engineer Scott method of looking like a miracle worker?
+Kevin Harris I second that. As soon as someone says something was "amazing", it's my cue to disregard any suggestions from that person. They are too easily amazed. 
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