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Split your time between Google+ and Twitter? Carbon is a new Twitter client for Android that's gesture-friendly, looks great, and is buttery smooth. Plus, it's free:
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Mike E
One of the best Apps I have every used.  Don't even load twitter itself since getting Carbon.  Good chit 
For those of us still stuck on Gingerbread, it's Falcon Pro for the win....
YATC Yet Another Twitter Client
so far so good. im really diggin' it. i was using Boid (which is a pretty sweet twitter client as well, almost like Tweedeck but better looking) but Carbon is very attractive and really smooth. though there isn't a widget which is a bummer. well at least from what i seen in my widgets pane on my Galaxy Nexus...
Plume released a beta of v5 on their twitter if you want widgets. 
Falcon Pro is still vastly better than every Twitter client out there on Android. 
You could upgrade that desire to 2.3 via an RUU update. Will wipe your data though. 
+Bryan Belt I've got Jelly Bean on my S2 and carbons got nothing on Falcon. I have both and Carbon is just lame, it's got a bit of nice animation but that's about it. Carbon is worse then twitters app. Falcon Pro kills all other Twitter apps. Wish falcon would add g+ and fb integration. 
Hurrr, another iSheep in here to LOL at Android (and failing at it). Jeffrey Miller, go stand in line for another "upgrade"
All that hype for all those months for that??? 

I'm sorry. I really wanted this. So much hype I was really looking forward to it. Then it went quiet for a long time. Nothing. Falcon released their widget which was universally liked. So a few months later they released the full Pro client.

Now Carbon is coming along after months of nothing and wanting us to pay it attention again? Sorry, just not interested any more. Falcon may have a few features missing at the moment, but the UI and the devs make up for it. What does Carbon have? A UI and that's really about it.

Sorry, happy with Falcon Pro. Not going to waste space on Carbon. That bridge burned a long time after the ship sailed.
I agree with ^^. Pretty animations at the expense of all functionality. 
I like Carbon a little more than Falcon Pro for some reason. Guess I like the smoothness and how dark the UI is. Carbon is straight to the point. They're both better than the standard Twitter client.
Sam M
Animation overkill/unclear UI/lack of features, not worth the hype.
I LOVE this app but the notification system is terrible. Does anyone know if its getting better?
Swiping is the way to go! Waiting for someone to make a Meego like launcher for Android!
"Carbon is not compatible with tablets!" Instant uninstall.
I'll give this a try later, personally i divide my time between Plume, Flipboard and the official Twitter app on my phone.

Out of the 3 Flipboard is the prettiest and very cool if you follow a lot of accounts that post articles or photos as it previews and presents them in a very nice way, Plume the most feature packed followed closely by the Twitter app which i also like for its recent Instagram-like photo editing features if i want to post a photo.
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