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Tired of owing money on your taxes, or giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan? Here's how to break even:
Dear Lifehacker, Every year, I do my taxes and I wind up owing money and I don't understand why! I have plenty taken out of my paycheck. When I ask my coworkers how they have their deductions set up, ...
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The VAT system unfairly penalizes the poor because they spend a larger portion of their income of necessities like food and fuel. Those who support VAT and other sales based taxes are essentially saying, "I would like the poor to pay my taxes for me."
confirmo porq muitas injustiças acontesen quanto são tiradas dos pobres necessitados para os ricos q ñ precisan e gastan con besteiras muintos pobres pagan seus inpostos com onestidade
+Michael Tubbs Most states already have a sales tax that goes to support some things. In the end everything has to be paid for. The problem is deciding who pays for what. Lower taxes mean the government offers less and that needs to get picked up by someone else. If its the states then you still pay roughly the same. Private contractors can do some stuff but then your just trading the cost of generous government benefits for a company profit margin. If we decide that something isn't worth paying for then we can cut it and save the cost. The problem with this is that when programs are cut the harm caused is often more costly then the program that had addressed it.
Just give all your money to the gov then wait for them to return the change.... Sure you can't eat, but at least congress will get paid!
+James David Romo Thank you James. I had the same objections to the fair tax system but didn't think it worth my time to comment on Bill's post. The problems with "Fair Tax" are so obvious that those who endorse it must be fully aware of them.
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