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Got in on the flow beta.. still heavily prefer Swype.
I'm pretty happy with the stock keyboard. Correcting words is a little more difficult than swype is but it recognizes words about the same.
Fauzi R
My favorite keyboard app ever. This app makes virtual qwerty beats physical phone size qwerty 
Used to be great, but lately they slowed the pace on improvements/bugfixes. There are issues (or ideas, how they like to call them) opened for more than 1 year and still not implemented, even if they claim they are implemented.
I assume they reached that point in the software development when you do one thing and break 2 others, so they prefer to avoid touching the code.
doesn't it come free? i have it installed for free
+aashka shah maybe you confused it with Swype? Or maybe your phone manufacturer has a deal with SwiftKey? Or someone installed a pirated version on your device...
I much prefer the stock keyboard in Jelly Bean.
Isn't SwiftKey Flow going to replace it anyway very soon? I guess I have to pay for it again then after the beta period ends. 
+aashka shah Oh, the beta is another story... it's beta :)
As far as I remember, the betas expire after some time.
+Sergiu Tofan 38MB on my device... Anyway, that means 5-10% of modern smartphones. It's not THAT bad, the Settings takes another 40MB on my phone.
Does it have support for the s pen in my note 2 yet?
Android devices with the new update already have it built in though...
I bought my Nex7 and the first appeared was SwiftKey, days before the discount.
And I don't mind, awesome application reasonable price even before discount.
I am one happy punter. 
Darn, i should have waited for the sale. Anywho, its a great app and i like flow better. 
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