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Just because you have iOS 5 doesn't mean you can't look like you have iOS 6.
If you've seen a few screenshots of iOS 6, you know Apple's made some nice interface enhancements, such as a better sharing menu, dialer, and music player.
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Matt C
When having an iPhone isn't enough to impress doucheholes...
wow I just made my iPad2 look like it's running iOS6. You know what I did?... absolutely nothing.
Goes great with those iPhonies that Lisa Simpson wanted.
Step 1: Have any device with iOS 1 - 5.
Step 2: Turn it on.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit
+Lee Jarratt Actually it's incredibly easy to profit from one. Use your contract upgrade to get an iPhone, reactivate your current phone, and sell the iPhone for a $300 profit.
Who wants to look like iOS? Shiny gradients everywhere!
I doubt Apple's adding G+ to the sharing menu. Kudos to the JB devs for including it, though.
I haven't looked into this for a long time, but how do software upgrades get deployed on Apple products?  For example, Android phones often have upgrades available either free or you can root it and install an upgraded version of the OS if the manufacturer doesn't help you out.  I've heard of people upgrading their iOS versions, so is there a reason they won't be able to do so on the more recent iPhones?
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