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Nobody likes the DMV, but it's possible to make it slightly less horrible.
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make sure you have all your info, get there early, expect to wait, and bring something to read.
After Massachusetts revamped it's DMVs back in the 90s, we went from having the worst ones to among the best.  Wait times now average under ten minutes and almost everything can be done online, as it should be.  Still room for improvement though!
Pay $100 a year and get all the +AAA benefits, including going to an  +AAA office instead of the DMV.
Our DMV may or may not have cookies if someone baked....
Our DMV may or may not have cookies if someone baked....
In other words, use common sense and expect to wait a bit so bring something to do.
+Frederick Wright  I've been to the RMV here in MA a number of times in the last few years... and I've only gotten through in 10 mins maybe once. I almost always have to wait, no matter what time I go. I did find the Wilmington Office to be way better than Watertown though... so glad I moved away from that one.

Though as +Simon Cousins points out, now that I have AAA, I can use that service for simple things like renewals if they require going into an office. 

Basically the article is just telling you to use common sense and don't be unprepared. I always bring a book and my headphones (in case it's too loud to read)
My first piece of advice is to go in with a clear head and always keep in mind they're just doing the job the legislature requires of them. They're not out to fuck you, just cuz it's Tuesday or the like. If requirements have changed, it's NOT the fault of the person behind the counter -- they're not doing it to have a Piss Off The Customer bingo match with their coworkers. If prices have gone up, yelling at them or the person next to you isn't going to reduce the prices. If you forgot some piece of paper or other deed, that's not THEIR fault.

And if possible push HARD to have your State do what WA has done and make a lot of the routine tasks available via mail notification and online renewal, so you don't have to go in at all.
The New Haven, Indiana BMV is legendary for amazing and efficient customer service. Maybe other states should take a lesson from this branch.
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