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A little breathing practice can optimize your workout in a jiffy.
Exercise is often hard enough on its own, but you make it even harder on yourself if you're not practicing good breathing techniques while you're working out.
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good breathing comes naturally with relaxed body, so.. either breath to relax your body while running, or be relaxed enough to feel the right breath.. we see too much people running with a grin or their face, like saying "no gain no pain", weight gain, perf gain, come naturally to relaxed people, and by relaxed i just mean proper standing with no overweight on the spine, just tensing the muscles needed for the exercise.. easier said than done ;)
Very true, it's the one thing most people miss during resistance training!
Yup ! (y) I agree ! 10 mins of breathing exercise before and after workouts helps regulate the performance throughout the entire workout.
breathing is good 4 brain even in tight work it's essential
Breathing is a task made on our subconscious, we can't actually forget to breathe.
breath of fresh air
+Michel Baratella Breathing is one of the only task subconscious that we have control on, so we can hack into the system via breathing, and often we block/limit/bad do our breathing due to bad habits, fears, etc.. So we have lot of room to improve ourselves, going back to the natural way..
Good stuff. After years of running track, I hate running. Perhaps this can ease the pain of running distance. Either way, I'm not going to enjoy it.
Thinking about it now I already use these techniques. Glad to see I'm on the right track though as I never gave it much thought.
Nothing in any of the articles about biking.
Lifehacker,did yu get my comment?Just checking cause iam new at this stuff.Yu are sure right about breathing,i use to move some pretty big poundage when i was younger.
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