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I kind of feel guilty to admit that I've been using various combinations of these tricks for a while already.
The local manager complains when my daughter wants a kids taco with rice, beans lettuce cheese and sour cream. I have a feeling this wouldn't go over well. 
Thanks +Humberto Gauna I love this place.... I don't need extras but I always add the fajitas to my Burrito Bowl 
Get a burrito bowl, ask for extra rice, extra beans and a side tortilla. Just say thank you and they're good.
Taqueria, taqueria, taqueria, Figaro! Beelzebub has a bigger burrito for me, for me , for meeeeeeee....
It's not a McDonald's. The meat is real at Chipotle.
From multiple chipotle sources I have heard that they don't discourage additional toppings except for meat and guacamole.
At my former university, we had a Chipotle close by but then a Currito Burrito opened in the Student Center and I must say that they are definitely better than Chipotle because they have way more things that you can add into your burrito.
For it being owned by McDonald's, they sure do server much better quality food. Thanks for the post. 
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