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This Android app makes sure your phone doesn't ring in class or meetings, and then turns the volume back up when you leave. Sure, you can do the same with more advanced apps like Tasker and Locale, but sometimes--especially when you're helping other people--simplicity (and free!) is best:
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Thanks for sharing.  I use an app called "Shush!" It allows me to put my phone on vibrate and set how long I want it to stay that way before the ringer comes back on.  It works well also.
I got SmartActions on my RAZR V, don't need this :D
Using Quick Profile app here.
This is a feature in jellybean on the gs3. 
Good app, personally I use SmartProfiles for the same thing.
yeah, motorola smart actions works too :-)
I use tasker. Best money I ever spent. Useful for so much more.
I have Tasker just for this reason. This looks a helluva lot nicer though.
Looks cool.  While I have been using Tasker, I may switch to this since I don't need all the "bells and whistles" that Tasker offers - I just need my ringer silenced.  If it has options for "every [x period]" (every other week, every third day, etc), it will become my go-to.
Smart actions wants you to have your wifi turned on for location services.  I'm with +Sergiu Tofan I use Llama.
Good thing JB is already on top of that 
This app definitely does the job, and has a clean layout. What am I supposed to do with my NFC tags though :(
Weird...left my phone on silent all day yesterday and missed a few calls so was going to look today to see if there was such an app...
Silent Time is my choice. Like being able to tell it what phone numbers can get through when it goes silent.
I just use Tasker simply because it does other functions for me in addition to volume levels.  However, if you JUST want volume levels adjusted these apps look good.
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