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Plastic does not equal poison.
Plastic water bottles aren't silent killers, even if you leave them out in the heat. They're perfectly safe. Brian Dunning, of myth-busting web series inFact, explains why.
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but water is what's making me fat!
pull shit article...with all respect :D
The kind of people that freak out about these sorts of things aren't going to believe any proof to the contrary. Just like the anti-vaccine people.
just buy your water in glass bottles then. problem solved. i'm drink easy crushable least space occupying aluminum canned water
Don't stop freaking out over plastic bottles: They're terrible for the environment and completely unnecessary.
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just like plastic bags. why don't we ban them instead of letting people exercise choice? we can't let the misinformed kill mother nature with plastic. we must make these choices for them
1-BPA is not the only chemical 2- no proof that "small amounts there isn't cause for concern" ....this article is somehow supported by plastic/bottling/beverage/grocery industry lobbyists
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.....the cute lady my dreams ...:D
bottling industry = scam = bad 4 health = bad for earth = bad for you wallet
Ray V
Surely this should be qualified by saying adults are not likely to be harmed by an estrogen mimicker(bpa). There's a reason we took it out of baby bottles. Realistically though we don't have the long term studies we need about most plastics that are ubiquitous today. Disposable water bottles and the diesel trucks that ship them are a silly use for valuable polymers. Increases our cost of transportation and food to achieve a goal that plumbing solved in the time of the Romans.
just give up the idea that you can transport water in thin skins made of petroleum. use animal skins like romans did.
Why is it wrong to shy away from things that might be bad, again?
Keith B
Bottled water costs more per gallon than gasoline. Just sayin.
and if you apply current to water, you can make hydrogen and oxygen. you will be able to power your future fuel celled cars and phones with bottled water. where is your god now, +Keith B ? buy cheaper bottle water at the market, not the fuji
I personally would rather use the reverse osmosis filtered water from my house, in a stainless or BPA free jug.

Because I can.
you know how much water an RO filter wastes? we live in the desert out here. think of the children
+Dubu Soon you forgot to ask if I care, though. My water bill is cheap, and way cheaper than bottled water.
dune. we live in dune.
I always thought it had more of a Tattoine feel to it.
I can't stand the taste of plastic in the bottled water.
we're not fat because we want to be fat. don't you think i want to be skinny and beautiful?
disease like alcoholism and drug addiction?
In the EU we recycle, it's the law. Come on America, keep up!
A dirty little secret in USA (and maybe elsewhere) is that in areas that are far away from any recycling processor, the materials placed in recycling bins just goes to the local dump/landfill, as it is not cost effective to transport them to a facility to recycle them. Thus wasting the time and effort of the Greenies who bother to recycle, but at least they feel morally superior to the rest of us.
@John R. Ellis, actually not only that, just search the web, a lot of bottles are dumped to India and China, maybe Africa and other parts of the world too, just search the web for those videos. It's an open secret.
Buying bottled water seems silly... It's stupid expensive and it creates unnecessary waste. Get a reusable water bottle and fill it periodically, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. This article really just tells me that it's fine that I have a plastic reusable bottle.

I will point out, there are scary things in many foods that are healthy for you. For example; almonds, soy, spinach, and lima beans all contain cyanide. There are no safe substances, only safe doses; if you worry about consuming anything that you could potentially overdose on, you'd have to stop drinking water, plastic or not.
Plastic is the new wood... Save the faux trees!!!
+John R. Ellis be careful they don't hear you saying that. These people who are all amped about recycling and feel all superior because they sort their trash into these nifty little bins the city provides don't ever want to hear that it all goes the same place anyway. It's a scary reaction most times!
+Erika Lontz I hear ya. I'm still pissed about all the hours I used to waste sorting aluminum, tin, clear glass, colored glass, and various plastics and a hauling all, along with newspapers, to lines of labelled bins, then finding out it's all dumped into one dump truck and hauled to the local landfill. So I wasted time and gasoline, making it Anti-environmental, for a faux good feeling of helping while hurting. D'oh!
+John R. Ellis It's not the same everywhere you go, but I do know about that issue. Heard someone say a while back 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are steps, you should Reduce and Reuse before you Recycle.' Even in the case of recycling, it still takes energy to bring it to a usable form, and fuel to transport it. If you want to be more 'environmentally friendly' first work on reducing your waste, and reusing what you can; too many people who do recycle, don't spend time doing the first two.
+Michael Slee I fully agree. I am by nature very frugal, compost everything organic, and re-use and re-purpose most things until they have disintegrated. And I'm all for recycling in the locations that actually do it.
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