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Backing up your DVDs? Maybe you want them on your HTPC, or you want to play them on your phone or tablet when you travel? These DVD ripping tools will get the job done, fast and easy:
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Any input on what's best for batch DVD ripping? I.e. TV shows.
transcode, ffmpeg, mencoder... There are so much apps that are better than the 5 you gave... Oh, they are command-line apps, but there are tons of examples along the web, and just put commands in a batch... Not so difficult...
While MakeMKV is excellent it isn't going to help you get movies on your phone. I haven't seen many phones that support MKV files, even if they did you aren't gonna want to carry such huge files on the phone. You left off DVD Catalyst too, an all in one solution.
Just the article I was looking for thanks
MakeMKV + Plex works great for your phone/tablet if you want to stream.
I just wanna give a shout out to lightning_UK for his work on DVD decrypter. I was a beta tester for years and used the software legally to make easily playable DVDs using decrypter with dvdshrink so my kids could just put it in and it play by itself.
I have been using k9copy for the past 4 years with great success
Faithful Handbrake user, great for backing up the kids' movies!
wondering .. is there anyone still using this old technology what so called DVD
I still buy (cheap) movies for my kids on DVD
What's the best app for dvd to android? Preferably the Galaxy S3
Well I recommend the "IRecord Pro+ you can record basically from any source right on to your iPod , iPad , iPhone and your android even to a PC/iMac recording parameters are stored automatically, the recording process is simple. Check it out at B&H stores or online....;)
I used handbreake two weeks ago to copy MIB:3, using the normal settings, and ended up with a bunch of snow artifacts all over the place, just unwatchable. Must be user error. 
Anydvd hd. Have a unlimited key from five years ago. Also clone dvd work like a jam too. Dvd shrink was good until thw software died. Torrentz for everything new and old. Hey I live in Canada not the communist republic of USA...
People still rip DVDs? Wait, let me take that back... People still use CDs?
It what we need used; also aw-some!
No need to rip your DVDs, they are all in the cloud. Unless you think your DVD rip will be better than a professional, your DVD is rare, and there is no bluray available. That or you need something to boost your ratio on a torrent community and your upload connection is weak...

Seriously, why? Physical format will be safer, and DVD won't wear out like VHS, and you can buy again unless we are talking discontinued line, but then there is always eBay. With DVD backing up you'll soon run into storage problems - you still can't buy very large hdd - we have a tonne of the largest Terabyte sized ones, and keep on adding to our NAS. Unless you then burn them to DVD again, which is ludicrous, but basically the "best" and cheapest solution. So yeah, WHY?
Evan Cc
gud i need friends olz
+Emily Dongray Most of my DVD's are not in "the cloud" for various reasons, country, subtitling, genre etc. Physical format is definitely not safer when around kids. Kids + discs = smudges, scratches, cracks, extra expenses. Also it's nice to be able to enjoy any movie in your collection in seconds from you have selected the movie file from your TV or gaming console of choice in any room of your house, without the warning texts, menus, logos, trailers (especially the ones you can't skip).

That's WHY. At least for me.
I have gone this route, but for the hdd costs, I wouldn't recommend it.
(Perhaps my film collection is just too large)
Well +Emily Dongray I have a 1TB HDD with right at 150 movies on it, using about 15% of the HDD. So yes, you must have quite the collection, as it would take around 1000 movies to fill one 1TB HDD. Also ripping to the HDD allows adding features like metadata. I love my media center completely filled out with movie plots, actor info etc. And as +Conny Andersson mentioned; having instant access to all of them from any device I own, locally or remotely, are some pretty good reasons that physical DVDs will never allow.
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+Titan Rain, you forget that say all of Doctor Who easily fills up 300gb all on its own, then there is all the Star Trek series, oh oops, filled a TB.

I do have around a thousand films, that's not many when you think about it.

For serious collectors cloud storage is the only way forward. Why rip a popular film you can download in minutes from tpb?
I would love to rip my dvd's to get them on my Nexus 7. Any tips or tricks to suggest for that?
+Jake Hennett What I did is put the avi file on dropbox, it syncs to my dropbox via Nexus 7, then I exported avi files to somewhere folder in Nexus 7. That's only way I know, unless someone suggests another way.
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