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That will be great until you have to flip the red hot bird a half hour later!
Did that with an adjustable rack, cook for the entire baking time, partially cover with tinfoil. And yes Robert - there is no way to avoid having to flip that sucker so the top can brown. I've tried forks etc. end up getting a clean cotton dishtowel and two potholders - and p.s. the juices spill out into the hot drippings as one does it . Holiday fun!
Flipping a red hot bird over sounds good.... :-) 
The bird should hold together just fine if its only been roasting for half an hour.
 and I quote " p.s. the juices spill out ..."
+Robert Kuhn  - maybe you're supposed to flip a 16lb turkey like a pancake?  "Oh no, another one's stuck to the ceiling.  Last time I'm letting Schwarznegger in the kitchen."
I have tried a second vrack pan on top at switch time. It seems to help. But the best Turkey trick is flavored brine
Duh. You do the same with roast chicken, so why not turkey? Use BBQ tongs and fork for turning. Easy, with great results.
My mother has been doing that for years - and its delicious :) 
El Mauro
I always do cats like that and they are so delicious and soft
"Hey Everyone I'm Flipping a bird Mother Fuckers!"
Interesting, we've been cooking like this for years, it works really well.

However, you should rest the bird on some pieces of bread coated with Olive oil to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Sounds like an excuse To tell people your flipping them off
Many thanks I will be giving it a go at Christmas! X
Leo T
Nerds teaching me how to cook? LMAO!
Get yourself a second pan and cover the first with it, and flip over the sink with a catch dish for the juices. Never had a problem flipping before :) .
I've been doing that for over 20 years with all my poultry. Works great. 
As have we. It is fantastic! Also check out Alton Brown on YouTube, how to truss a turkey. Very helpful!
it does work. I did it for the first time on Sunday. It's messy to flip, but worth the effort. I enlisted the help of a second set of hands. Take the pan out of the oven, of course. I used 2 silicone oven mitts to handle the bird. I also stuffed it with veggies instead of stuffing and that really gave it a good flavor. Best wishes!
I think I need cooking lessons 
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Right side up, cheesecloth on the breast, foil on legs, baste the cheesecloth while baking. Can't miss. Trust me. 
Been doing this for many years... but we cook it upside down for the whole time. It's not real pretty for presentation but it's very moist for sure!
I have been doing this for a few years. Use silicon pot holders to turn it. They rinse right off. :)
cut bacon is the best , over lap it stuff with whole apple orange onion quarted all of them this is the best !!!
Deep fry it . . . Thats the scottish way
I like my breasts firm......moist is for somewhere completely
I usually cook my chickens and turkeys upside down the whole time.  The meat is always nice and juicy.  I can't stand dry meat!
Why not just put a few strips of bacon on the breast and cook it normal?
Why not just put a few strips of bacon on the breast and cook it normal?
Bake it in a oven bag comes out great
after cooking place on warm plate upside down cover with foil and tea-cloths will keep warm for at least 20 min this will allow all the juices to run into the breasts  
Butterball always comes out nice and tender no matter how you roast it.
first thing is how to get a turkey 
I accidentally did this after having had 6 months of experimental chemo drugs ..

My husband tried to "carve" the turkey not realizing it was upside down!! He had a downright war trying to carve " such a skinny bird!!".
Oh the laughter..Our guests thought we both had lost our brain cells !
BUT YES. It turned out to be the moistest most delicious turkey ever!!
Joy and laughter "the breast cancer Joywarrior". Enjoy 
Did this with the family turkey last year. Unfortunately it did kick off a disagreement on what was meant by "upside down"
My mother insisted correctly that this means breast side down.
Step father argued that from the birds POV it was the right way up this way!
The thing I found hard was to keep the damn bird down it kept on running off
Fry it and you will never eat another roasted Turkey again!!! 
I dont flip it at all. Its how you smoke them. All the juice goes into breast and it makes it easier to cut the legs off first since they finish cooking first. Juiciest turkey you ever have!

or you could soak it in salty brine overnight
Do it every year, for the entire roast time. Flipping it is a pain, but time to put on the manpants. Or womanpants, as the case may be. 
And yeah, it works. I have 5 years if empirical evidence. 
Nothin' sez thanksgiving like flippin' the bird.
+Joseph Thadeus Martinez if you are cooking it in a pan how is there any way you are not bringing the white meat to the juices?
It's sat in them.
I have been doing this for years! It works great :-)
Enough talking about the bird let's eat the bird
I've been doing this for years. It does work, U end upwith juicy white meat. I normally cook my turkey breast side down for 3 hours.
I am going to try this with chicken.
Been doing this for years. Sometimes don't bother flipping it since the skin eaters I know like the dark meat.
i m going to chicken 
I often do this with chicken too to put moisture back into the breasts (everyone loves moist breast right? ;-)) it also helps cook the bottom and stops it going all gungy 
Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Thanks for allowing me opportunity to live right today Dear Lord!
Meat : huh! Second hand protein. Hindus believe that when you eat flesh you absorb the emotion that the animal was experiencing when it died. I'm sure some of the more intelligent among you can hazard a guess as to what that usually is. 
So, make sure you get a happy turkey!
Typical idiot response to Intelligent but
Unpopular comment
Oh, come on... have fun, man... where's the spirit?
Second hand protein leads to weakened immune system thence to disease
That's why carnivores in the animal kingdom have short life spans whilst herbivores have the longest

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Thankfully, I don't have to flip my turkey TV dinner. Only a few minutes in the microwave and its done. 
Got it, Johnny. Why don't we create a post where we talk about how it's good to flip over a red pepper to get a perfect roasting?.... Sounds like a lot of fun... Just kidding, my friend!!
Brining helps. Also a suagar and spiced dry rub and high temp roast for 30 min, then medium temp slow roast.
Way too silly to care, one meal a year....or 2, why hang there? Enjoy the moments, allow all others to Enjoy their moments. Use it or loose it, don't judge Them (As I may be doing to you in this moment, you don't like it, do you). "Live, let live, and Love allow all to find their own way, for life is our teacher, not you, not me. Love, Live and Experience  , you will see.......Then one day you will be, as you are meant to be.
You are catching on, matey - carry on like this and you might get to come back as a tortoise and live to be 200. On grass.

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Inquiries welcome!
Never done it this way. I always brine the turkey.
want a really juicy bird?   try deep frying whole turkey in peanut oil!!!   OMG
Want a moist turkey... ez fry a chicken. The only reason why we make turkey is because someone invited the Indians and they needed a bigger bird. If not we be eating Chicken. 
Ben Franklin wanted to serve Bald Eagle as the Thanksgiving bird....
Chuck Norris could flip turkey blind folded...
But you know how to flip the bird
+Patricia Lavery; I couldn't find a Chuck Norris cook book but he has been know to cook a twenty lb turkey in 15 minutes and can cook minute rice in 9.8 seconds flat.
I like Nintendo game so much i have Nintendo game but no cb games 
Why bother flipping? Put your bird in a bag and don't worry about it
Been doing it that way for years. My mom thought I was crazy when I told her I flipped my bird.
That's how we cook it every year only turn it over with about an hour left tho
A few days ago my sister cooked a turkey breast-side down for the entire cooking time and it came out moist and delicious. Her method is to rub extra virgin olive oil on the skin; season with salt, pepper and any other desired spices; stuff with green apples and red onions; and cook breast-side down in a roasting pan with no cover for 12 minutes per pound at 325 degrees. Just passing on what works for her :-)
Inject that bird then deep fry her
Carmrliz those red onion 
To Theo who doesn't understand that meat eaters absorb emotion from the flesh they eat: material life consists of vibration. It is constructed from the quantum level up. These vibrations have information which passes from one construct to another. This is how DNA works. When a spirit experiences emotion this is like recording onto the material
Of its body - which is why we become stressed - and when you eat that material you digest the information in its vibrations.
Absorb emotions from flesh .?. Do you live in Denver
My wifes first attempt she asked me to do this. But she started cooking it right side up. I was all what the hell? She was all, just do it. I don't normally like turkey, it's dry to me. But this wasn't. And the family raved about how good it was. So of course I got the haha I was right smirk from her
As I said, the matter vibrates with information just like a record. This info is "read" by the spirit that inhabits that matter, just as the tape head reads the tape. The spirit inhabiting the body - be it hunan Bird or Beast experienes
the vastly complex messages contained in the vibration and
responds within itself. This is how evolution can exist . In his
book "The Politics of Ecstasy" Timothy Leary says that every
cell in our body contains the memory of its experienes back
to the beginning of creation. Vegetables too have information and intelligence for example herbs have healing knowledge in their atomic structure as you obviously know
Soaking it overnight in brine works wonders as well. Then roast/seer it on high for a few minutes to really lock in the moisture. 
+John Lawrence the problem with that logic is spirit is not made of physical matter, therefore it does not absorb anything we eat :)

I hear Chuck Norris makes a great turkey
+Jason Wetzel my mom did that when i was in elementary school and she volunteered to cook the turkey for the class. She left it on low overnight and it came out so juicy. Ever since she has been cooking it like that. 
Joseph, man, focus ! I didn't say spirit absorbed the matter I said it takes on the emotion which I'd tranitted to it through the vibration which compose the matter: I added that this is how evolution occurs, and the spirit which is you and me living each in our separate bodies is possessed of knowledge entirely through the medium of vibration.
Don't worry - they're all still arguing about how to cook a turkey!
carving the turkey now. Enjoy the day.
That's how I've always made my turkey. Never fails. 
Also use and entire stick of unsalted real butter cut into cubes and between the skin and the turkey meat massage the butter throughout the turkey ..makes for very tender meat and also inject woh creole butter marinade
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