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This free online course from MIT will teach you how to learn just about anything--as in, how to pick up new skills quickly and effectively so you can learn something new for work, or just broaden your horizons!

Plus, the course uses Google+ hangouts and communities, so if you know your way around here already, it'll be even easier for you!
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I love to learn. However, at my age I sometimes feel overwhelmed because of time constraints and not being efficient with the time I do have. At work I'm always being given the opportunity to learn new skills, but I need to formulate a better workflow. Perhaps this course could work to realize that goal. 
I also interested. Please tell details of the course and what have to do
I just signed up, cant wait to see what we'll learn. 
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This sounds like something worth looking into.
manu p
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manu p
what happen mr Teal Jr
Gotta check this one out and then re-share.
Great! Good trail to learn new things.
o interesting to learn and to achived  goal
Love the fact that MIT has been offering free online courses for quite some time!
I have always believed that education is something that should be accessable to everyone, so that all may benefit from it. Now, with the help of open source technology that is possible. 
MIT is well educated to spread education. Grt. Good done MIT.

I will be happy if i learn something from here which will help others too
That's cool, we need to learn everyday. 
Too little too late.  Been doing that for years.  Been teaching that for years.  Good luck with that too.
A course on "learning about learning." If +BRUCE LEE were alive today he would probably like this course since he was an advocate of the art of " Fighting without fighting" 
Thankyou for offering FREE créative learning book me in .
I just signed up! Bring on the learning.
I reposted this. How interesting! Thanks for sharing this.
So this is free information from MIT, right? I won't get charged with a felony & threatened with a ruined life?
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