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Not sure when to use olive oil or safflower oil, canola or flax when cooking? Consult this handy cooking oil chart:
There are so many cooking oils to choose from—some supposedly healthier than others, some better for cooking at high heat and others better used as dressings—that knowing which oils to use and when ca...
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I only use extra-virgin olive oil, and have to be careful because it is not all the same. Some has broken down, you can tell by the light yellowish colors, and that means flavor loss. Pick the fresh bottles from the back of the shelf and let those in a hurry get the poorer quality stuff from the front.
Don't laugh (yet)! I was one of those corn-fed, Criso can with the saved bacon grease on top of the stove kids growing up. Its a wonder, I didn't grow up as a lard ass! You may now LYBO! Seriously...using the correct oils can extend your life.
While those other oils may fit into your fancy definitions of "healthy" it's a proven fact that cooking with bacon grease will make you awesome and, in at least 13% of people tested, give you pegasus wings which enable you to fly.
I love warm olive oil for breads etc, but cooking mac n cheese usually I add bacon or braised beef stew cubes. Putting a bit of bacon grease in the pan when cooking the noodles definitely is a flavor enhancer
I am always wondering about this. Good information to have handy.
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