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People who use those iPhone headsets always look like they're talking to themselves. Now Android users can get in on that fun too!
Everyone loves the iPhone's headset with volume and music controls on the inline remote, but if you have an Android phone, you can actually get iPhone-designed buds working with your device.
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Why not just use the ones that ship with your Android phone? Or, if your Android phone didn't come with any, buy a cheaper accessory that will fit.
I'm assuming this is targeted towards former iPhone owners.
+Yogotiss Y that's so funny because ever since the advent of the wireless head pieces I've noticed that there always seems to be someone talking to themselves these days.
Once upon a time, if you saw somebody walking down the street talking to themselves, it was pretty obvious that they were clinically insane. Now, it's a toss-up between insanity and a really good headset.
I don't like when they look at you and start talking one time I thought they were talking to me but quickly knew they weren't. (A**hole)
If you suffer from schizophrenia it would be a benefit.
I'm just going to say this once and then move on and forget about this whole post.


If you are so mentally incompetent yourself that you cannot manage to walk and talk at the same time - to yourself, someone on the phone, or otherwise - then the problem is not us, it is you.

I personally use a wired headset for voice command of my computer and/or house sometimes (using the phone as a conduit so I can do it when I'm away) and I cannot count the number of times people have asked me if I was alright. Well dipshit, the answer is yes. My Air Conditioing is running 30% less of the time than yours despite being cool all the time I am home, my lighting is automatically turned on and off when I enter and leave the room, my garage door opens and shuts based on a GPS alert from my phone, and I can command the whole house to just about fucking explode on a whim if my heart desires it. I spend about $120 less on electricity than you probably do (and that much less than I did before I automated everything), and it only cost me $219 of parts do do it ALL using free software, in about 3 days total time. So yes, I am perfectly fine.

Enjoy your power bill this month, genius.
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