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You got Metro in my Chrome! You got Chrome in my Metro? Two...great...tastes?
Chrome: If Chrome's built-in new tab page looks a little plain to you, or if you like the look of Microsoft's Metro UI, MySites is a Chrome extension that changes the new tab page into a start page de...
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Tony the Tiger says: Theeyyyyrrreeee....Ok!?!
I was going to try it out, but the list of Permissions seemed a bit over the top for me to let it access almost everything i do and have done on my browser. I tend to just use
Ugh! Please no more sticky note hell masquerading as a good user interface.
That beyond-terrible interface needs to die a quick death.
Love it. I wanna rock the schitzo clown vomit look.
someone needs to strap a bomb to the metro ui and put it out of its misery.
Now it's not just my memory thats a bit patchy.
One thing about this extension is that it changes the way the search works in Chrome. Normally clicking on "+" creates a new tab with the Chrome Most Visited/Recently closed display. If you then type something in the Chrome address bar it will use the default search client (Google) to search the internet and will, if you use Google, also drop down suggested top hits. If you install this extension it will actually redirect you to its own "Mysites" site and put the text entry focus into a Bing-like search box. Typing and hitting enter in there will then provide its own filtered search results, 'powered by Google'.

When I noticed what it was doing I typed in "mysites" into their search box. This then produces a large number of results describing the "mysites dot incredibar dot com" site as a browser-hijacking trojan. I have no idea if this is an accurate description but the change in search behavior, for me, was both unwanted and suspiciously trojan-like.

Since the extension is potentially able to filter or alter all of the user's web searches and clicks in the way I've described along with the large number of negative comments from trusted sources I chose to remove it.

The extension itself is extremely well executed and a definitely visual enhancement but more explanation and perhaps some more positive publicity on what it is/is not doing would help.

This is only my personal feeling - you might consider the way the extension works to be absolutely fine and could well be right.
+Paul Plate I think the Metro UI was an inevitable change. PCs aren't going to be obsolete, but they will become unnecessary for 95% of the world by the end of the decade, and Microsoft is preparing for that with a tablet-focused OS. The majority Win8 sales are going to be tablets and desktops/laptops with touchscreens, anyways.
Developer of Awesome New Tab Page (, a "competing" new tab page extension, here.

The company that makes this, Perion, contacted me for a potential partnership in integrating their search product into ANTP. After evaluating their other products, notably IncrediMail, I came to the conclusion that their software was too much like spyware to ever be associated with.

I turned them down.

They clearly see this extension as a means of getting you to their ad-filled search engine. That's why they take focus away from the search bar (omni-bar), which is obviously the superior place to start a search.

I'd steer clear of this extension. I say this not only as a competitor (so take with a grain of salt), but as a competitor that turned down a partnership with them after carefully evaluating their apparent priorities and comparing them to my own.
+Ruben Del Rio Yea, I keep hearing that, I keep not buying what they are selling.

You get Modern Warfare, Starcraft 2, and Fallout New Vegas to play perfectly on a tablet, then come talk to me. Ohh and I want a screen large enough to read the units on SC2, and a real keyboard and Mouse, to actually countrol units. Wait... This is sounding like a desktop to me...

For those who only go on facebook/tumblr/gp/basic site, then fine, a tablet is ok for them. For those of use, who actually use a computer for its power not happening.

Not to mention, I know a number of people who own a tablet, and still use there computer for there main tasks. Try writting a 5 page paper on a tablet, then get back to me about "The world is moving that direction".

Toys are toys, but don't let them fool you.
+Matthew Harris: Yeah, that's kinda my point. We're power users, not average consumers. I'd personally get a nice color-calibrated AdobeRGB compliant monitor than an upscale tablet, but most people don't need 50-pound, $700 Mafia Farm machines. The average video game consumer will probably be just fine with "next-gen" consoles.

So I'd say that PCs will lose most of the "personal" in it and will become mostly cubicle machines and nerd-boxes...and that's the way I'd like it.
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