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Finally, now you don't have to endure long waits uploading your music to Google Music:
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So what does it cost after the first 20k?
i don't see how this would overload the servers, if only a snippet is being submitted to match to an already-existing cached copy of a song.  this allows them to, let's say, use the same one cached copy of a song, to have available to a virtually unlimited amount of users.  it seems the previous method of everyone uploading full mp3 copies of the same song over and over would have caused more overload
20k songs is actually quite a bit... I have about 400 cds in the next room, at 15 tracks per CD, that's still only 6000.
i've hit over 14,000 songs, still room to grow
Been maxed out since the service started. In the same respect, 6000 songs isn't that much at all. At an average song time of 4 minutes, that's only 16.6 days of music before you'd hear the same song twice. I only have about 60k mp3s and I know some people who can dwarf my collection.
I'll arrange the hoarder intervention.  ;oD  Honestly I thought I had a lot, but they top out around 12k.
Was just playing around with this and found that for the songs that it matches as opposed to uploaded, there is an option you can select that says 'fix incorrect match' if for some reason the matching is incorrect and it will then upload the local file that you have. Pretty neat feature actually.
I don't know these long waits that you speak of. I have my music folder set to automatically upload my songs whenever something new is placed in it. Usually takes about 5 min. at most per album I would guess.
Dylan -- How long did the initial upload take (and how many songs were there)?  I think that's the slowness that everyone is referring to.
I know I have 25 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up as I like to run a speedtest once a week.  I initially dropped over 2,000 songs in when I first configured it and it took maybe 3-4 hrs if I recall.  I dropped a 12 track album in about 2 days ago and looked like it took maybe 4 min. to finish could of been shorter as I checked about 4 min after dropping files and was finished already.
Dammit!  It took me three days to load all my music to Google Music.  >:(
Awesome!!.... too bad most people (like me) already uploaded their entire music collection though. And most of the music I buy now is from Google anyways. 
+Albert Kopp Supposedly, the people who have already uploaded theirs will have their music updated to a higher bps if Google has a better version.  So that's good at least.
Presumably after uploading your music, an RIAA lawyer calls you and asks for money.
With all due respect: my music means music created by me and not copied from somewhere else.
Let's see, I have about 19k songs, and it took me almost 2 weeks to upload them all, and that's running day and night..
Louis B
Nice idea but probably gonna b very buggy just like other google apps. Honestly map is the only thing google is good at and only because apple map is disliked too much.
+Louis Bank Gmail, Reader, Voice, Gtalk, Drive all work prefect for me. What are you talking about....
I still hesitate to use Google Music. What the benefits in comparison with having my own music on a SD card?
If they'd had this month's ago when I uploaded my 20,000 songs I would have been happy. #toolate!
+Vincent Etienne Being able to have all your songs stored in the cloud and be able to play them on any computer or any Android Device in the world just by logging into your account. 
+David Johnston especially the guy with 60,000 mp3s and his friends with even more. That's a small large fortune when purchased legally...
+Levi Wilcox Who would go past that? If you have 20k songs, you should probably cut down, that's far too much to be consumed. 
I beg to differ +CJ Griesmeyer, 20K songs does seem like a lot but that's only about 4 GB if each MP3 is about 7 MB. I know people that have about 120 GB worth of music. 
That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard +CJ Griesmeyer. All in all, 60,000 mp3s roughly amounts to 166 days of music. 20k being roughly 55 days of music. How is that too much at all? And who made you the music nazi anyways?
20,000 songs at 320kbps uncompressed that are between 2 and 5 minutes, I can't imagine amount in 4GBs, I've got only about 120-30 songs (i probably listen to about 40 of them regularly) and that only comes out to about 1.8GBs.

I didn't mean to come out like an ass, just mean that I can't see someone listening to 20k songs and actually enjoying that volume of music. I know plenty of my music is stuff i wont listen to again and as I said, I've got a very small number of songs. 
+CJ Griesmeyer Since since the beta opened for Google Music, I've streamed 16,425 of my current 19,956 tracks and I've enjoyed every second of it. I don't know how you could ever think someone has "too much" music.
Well, for me, when I buy an album, i usually only like one or two songs, sometimes more sometimes less, but you get 10 - 12 per album...And If you get a discography you can get a large number of songs. I also used to run sound for events and things so I have a lot of music, that is not what I normally listen to myself, but other people like it. So there you go. Plus I will get into a rock kick, or a classical kick, or pop, depending on my mood at the time. I totally love Google Music, being able to listen on any device or computer, even if I don't have my own devices or computers with me.
That was just a quick estimation +CJ Griesmeyer, not taking quality or anything into account. I just did simple division of 20,000/7
I've already uploaded my whole library, so that's not really an issue. What I will be curious about, though, is if it will be able to match really old MP3s that I have that don't have the proper data fields filled out, but just have a file name like "REM - STAND.mp3" or something like that. 
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