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Hate searching your Gmail inbox to find that attachment you need? This trick's for you.
Now that Google Drive has built file storage into your Google account, it's only natural that you'd like it to play nicely with your other Google apps.
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Awesome. I was just thinking about doing this and had know idea how to go about it. Thank you +Google and +Lifehacker
There is another way to save the attachments directly to the Google Drive that is given in the Comments session... View the attachement and say File - > Save in Google Docs
Just as a warning. If you select "Also apply filter to X matching conversations" and you have quite a few back messages (94 in my case) you will start getting hit with messages saying "DocsList quota exceeded". I'm not sure how many you are allowed (maybe 50) but i've been getting hit by alot.

Anyone have any tips?
now that we have this, does anyone know how to download files from the android drive app straight to your android? (i mean without wires or anything, just the app itself)
Drive looks pretty nice but im not sure that its worth moving away from dropbox
Jay R
lm dropping the box....this will also have updates so be patient. Google just gets better and better.
google integration increasing and its still in its infancy
Jay R
To all the Apple this is innovation..not the same thing 52 times over. Im not even mad BC its available for the fruits too.
I set this up, tested it and it worked. But now getting daily script error notifications and it no longer works. Anyone else experiencing problems?
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