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Spotify users on Android rejoice! A better, faster, stronger app has appeared:
Android: Streaming music service Spotify rolled out an update to its Android app this morning that completely overhauled the user interface to make it look and feel more like Android 4.0—which the app...
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This version leaked awhile ago. I do like it, but was hoping the finished version would have radio like the computer.
Any word on how the update will affect battery life?
If they'd just make a web-only solution, I'd probably ditch Rdio-- at least for a while, to check them out.
Is this any different than the Preview app?
Matt C
Except you need a facebook account to log in.
I just don't get why spotify is so's honestly a pile of crap to me.  I use and have used it for quite a long time...for 3 bucks a month I get to stream whatever I want...but the best part is that I get amazing recommendations based on MY LISTENING HABITS.  To me, that's invaluable and has allowed me to continue finding awesome music these past few years.
One word : playlists.... no internet radio can replace my choices...the new app is awesome by the way...
+Derrick Devine Wait, does have an on demand option? I thought you could only tell it what you wanted to hear and it would play artists similar to that.  Spotify allows you to select specific songs to listen to, on demand.
+Joe Betsill You subscribe and you can create playlists of ANY song or artist.  Then you can just play your playlist.
+Derrick Devine I like the fact that you can listen to entire albums at your choice and download them to listen in offline mode... This includes alot of new releases...
Matt C
+Scott Bowen Google Music (Play), minus the obligatory FB account.
+Matt C lol even with Gplay you need to upload your personal music or purchase it.. It's not a pool of Music under one flat price...
Matt C
+Scott Bowen I see. Cool. Once they remove the FB account log in I'll consider it again.
Would have given this a try, till i saw no landscape support. Sticking with Rhapsody.
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