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LockerPro Lockscreen for Android lets you read, dismiss, and reply to text messages, emails, and missed calls right on your lock screen:
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You can choose what pops up and what doesn't, so no, it doesn't defeat the purpose. RIF? I'd like just SMS and calls but not email for example.
+Niall Gavigan my thoughts EXACTLY! What is the point of having a lock screen at all, if you can use the phone without unlocking it?
The problem with these "lockscreen apps" is that they're basically just ugly unsupported hacks.  They regularly bug out, show the normal lockscreen first, and also suffer from not being widely supported or having to do weird tricks like set it as your launcher, but then have to set your launchers launcher in the launcher.
sometimes you don't want your phone locked. I have a widget that toggles the lockscreen on and off, so clicking a button brings you right to the home-screen. Very useful when at home or in the car when security is not important but opening your phone fast is. 
why not just turn the lockscreen off if you don't want it? isn't that easier than installing a crapton of things to make the lockscreen do things other then well unlock the screen?
I would like to be able to read incoming texts on the lock screen and slide them open to reply ... without having them open to start typing without a slide to unlock - can anyone tell me how to do that? 
I can already do this, running 4.1.2.  Might be useful for those still running Gingerbread I suppose.
unfortunately, this app is limited to ICS and above.
I think lock screen apps are just about a requirement for any kind of phone.. I've been using Lockscreen Agenda for over a year and absolutely love it..

As a side-note, I love how Apple copied all the Android apps by introducing their own version of locked screen notifications and said (at least implied) they invented it... like so much else.. 
Showing emails and text indeed beats the purpose of a lock screen. But being able to take pictures without unlocking is a feature I really like about 4.2.
Definite keeper of an app, the free version is badass...reaching for the purchase button, it has to only get better from there.
would love to try it... too bad im still waiting for 4.0 on my DIC2 can already do this over the lock screen... just pull down the notification drawer.  Seems a bit redundant.
+Kahil Nettleton true, but this app give you pretty little notifications at a glance, just push the lock button to fire up the screen and take a look...I know it defeats the purpose of a touch screen, but, no touching required (unless you want to dismiss or launch the app)
Yeah...because a quick downward swipe is too exhausting...
haha, but seriously, while I'm checking on customer emails...phoning other people on my desk phone, and helpdesk call screen, plus; this app works wonders.

it's not that it's exhausting, it seriously just lays it all out there for you. Can't get any easier of an explanation than that.
I installed it, then I quickly uninstalled it: it removed my "schema", I don't want my phone to be unlock by slide only, but the idea is good.
Lock screen notifications are convenient both for you and the person that just stole your phone.
+Khürt Williams has it right.  Putting all your information on the lockscreen unprotected is an open invitation to identity theft, compromising sensitive information, or at the very least pranking.
didn't like it, uninstalled very quickly.  Takes over too much of the lock screen ui.
Life is an open invitation to pranking.  How much you give the prankster is just a measure of how good the prankster has to be.  
Isn't this a feature coming out with the JB update... I'm lost... this is third party?
I would like to have a music player on the lockscreen. That would make it easier to manage while driving, but nothing else. 
+Maharini Chintya exactly... +Justin Virly many music player apps will put a widget on the lock screen.  Doubletwist, one of the most popular ones, does if you have audio playing when you turn off the screen it'll be on the l ock screen when you turn the phone on.  (it also lets you air twist video and audio to your XBox.)
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