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Want to add a personal touch to your mobile photos? Look no further than these five great photo tweaking apps:
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Snapseed is definitely the best app, and as far as features go instagram is the worst by far, but instagram's platform is what makes it succesful
"Best Photo Filter App"

-Said nobody who knows a damn thing about photography ever
+Chris Johnson Oh, come off it. I know plenty about photography, but there's nothing wrong with just having some fun every so often. It's a camera phone, after all, not a DSLR. I'll bet you scoffed at Polaroids back in the film days too, but I've seen some great stuff done with them. And again, they were about fun, not great art, so chill out a bit.
Pictures of food... Pictures of food with filters everywhere.

(Although, Snapseed is nice)
I'm addicted to photo apps. Good list but it could have been way bigger as there are so many great photo apps.
Vignette for Android is the bomb!
Instagram shouldn't be on this list at all. Cymera is my new favorite. Really comprehensive and has some really stupid fun facial-rec features. Anything Pixlr is great.
Thanks for this. Ive been looking recently for an app for my little sister to use to do this stuff and hadnt even heard of Snapseed until I saw this. I think it's a winner by far. 
Snapseed all day! Has all the goodies I want and then some
You could use snapseed and then post to instagram. I have liked this option. 
Vignette is ridiculously solid! But everyone...give Cymera a shot. You won't be disappointed (especially if you like Snapseed).
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