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You don't just get to be smart. You work at it.
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Hehe, like the "you don't find luck by sitting on your @ss" part.
You can have genetic disposition, but you also must have the opportuntiy to cultivate it.  Without the support from your enviornment,  by providing education and tools as well as financial support, nothing is possible.
It makes me wonder just how many undiscovered geniuses there are in the world.
+Estelle Angelinas I partially agree with you. There have been many cases where people didn't have education and tools and financial support. While there is no doubt that those things make it easier. It all comes down to do those people have the determination to do it for themselves. You can provide all the resources in the world and if somebody refuses to utilize them; they do no good. Whereas, if someone has the drive and the ability they will generate their own support. Of course, their ability and drive probably came from their parents one way or another, so nobody really does it all by themselves. 
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