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Load it up with free books, add a ton of cool features by jailbreaking, and more.
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be nice if paperwhite was available outside of the US. that would be a good starting point. :)
No release date I have been able to find in Canada. and if a US one was bought, there would be no warranty if it breaks.
do you like it? (probably a silly question) :)
Got my Kindle last month. Can't believe how much both the wife and I use it. It's rapidly become a "Don't leave home without it" tool.  Great information.
Kindle? Supporting tax-avoiding Amazon, then? I bought a Nobo for myself and would recommend them or a Kobo :-)
Too early for me to comment. Been busy with seeing people and going to 29C3, so have not done much reading yet. Usually takes me about a month to form a solid opinion on a device anyway. 
I do enjoy my PaperWhite, but apart from the couple of lowest light settings, I don't see the point of using the light on it. They recommend using the high setting when reading in brightly lit places, but c'mon, this is not an LCD, and works fine in bright situations without any added light.
I tried one in-store. It works fine, just not worth the £ in my view for the few times I might ever use the light :-)
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