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You there! The one still sitting at work! Time to go home.
We've talked a lot about finding a good work/life balance, and a lot of us find it pretty difficult. Developer/designer Pam Selle disagrees, saying that as long as you remember a few key things, it sh...
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If you had sent this 20 minutes from now, I would have just sat up and walked out. Almost yabadabadoo time.
WTF? I just got here! Now I need to get back home? WTF?
Then I'm fucked, I'm working at home right now. Where should I go now?
Suggest that you go out to work somewhere..

or play..
...and then the title that follows shortly afterwards:

"Find a New Fucking Job, 'Cuz you lost this one"
Can't agree more with +Donald Bell . While I respect everyone's opinion, G+ isn't the best place to have this sort of propaganda.
Why are there so many god trolls on G+... F**k it, off home I go....
Well, now my previous comment looks like I was just being rude. There was a comment right before mine that got deleted. 
unfortunately this is not applicable to us in the restaurant industry. Weekends and holidays do not belong to us. Though we enjoy making your nights out enjoyable
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