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They say employees leave managers, not companies. Do you think it's true?
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I've left a job so I didn't murder my boss.
Certainly it is one of the leading reasons that people move on, also one of the leading reasons why people are unhappy in their work.
It's not always true. I stayed at a job for a year longer than I would have because I had a great manager... when I left it was in spite of my boss, rather tb an because of her.
Matt C
A couple times.
I felt suppressed and uncomfortable with the despotic boss,
it's hard to get satisfaction from work in such an atmosphere
I've had both ends. It's easier to work for a boss that has been where you are vs one that got hired into the position... or got promoted to that position because they are too inept to do your job.
Definitely. Both ways. 
Insomuch as managers are the face of a company, yes. A company is only as humane as the people it hires.
I have left a position because of a direct manager with poor managing skills and his supervisor who wasn't willing to teach him from his mistakes. I also didn't take an offered new position because I knew the manager and didn't think I could work with him.  On the other hand, I've passed on a job offer and chosen to stay at a position longer due to having a talented manager with real leadership skills.  It makes a huge difference.
This is a double edged sword actually. The answer is yes and no, yes they leave managers and more than likely don't want to leave the company. However, if the manager keeps sucking and never fixes the problem, more will leave because of that manager.
Yes.  A great boss and co-workers kept me working a part-time hours at Borders for years past the point I would have otherwise.  Conversely my primary social work position was almost ruined by a bad boss and while I didn't leave because of her I seriously considered it to the point of interviewing with other agencies.  I love that particular agency and my position so much though and stuck it out and finally outlasted her.
Matt C
The moral of the story is, don't be a dick.
Yes absolutely true. My x-boss is the biggest pessimist u will ever find in this universe
Yes it's true. I've seen people changed career paths to get away from their direct manager. I had a manager like that, too. Fortunately I was able to move to a position in a different department and stay with the company.
It's definitely true, but there are other aspects that come into play.  Money, for example, is usually a factor, but often people only decide to look for another job as a result of conflict at work and only then discover how much more money they could be making.  If you are in HR, something you should evaluate is which managers seem to have high turnover.  It doesn't matter if it is voluntary or not.  People leaving under specific managers are often a reflection of the quality of that individual's management skills.  There are always exceptions, such as call centers where turnover is expected, but generally it's too expensive to replace employees to HR should be pushing to hire good people and keep them in the company.
It is amazing how many managers with poor management skills are around (and how many I have encountered in my professional life). And it is also amazing how much the corresponding fluctuation increases the overall costs of a company and the economy in general. And though various companies are doing a lot to keep their human capital in the company they fail to recognize the cause and therefore fail to steer in the opposite direction.
My personal experience here is rather similar.
No. But twice I stayed in a good job even though the boss was a dick. Both mistakes. Best to move early . There are plenty of good firms with good bosses out there. 
My husband was pretty much run out of a job by a manager who had it out for him (and actually admitted as much when walking him out on his last day). My husband turned around and contacted the legal department, though.
I worked for a massive asshole for years.  Loved the company, my work, my friends that worked there...  But he was the final reason for me leaving.  Yes, I believe it's true.  I would probably still be there had he not been the owner.
YES! My boss would take naps at work and avoid customers that she had previously angered. When they called looking for her, she would want me to lie for her. I hated that. 
Yes, sometimes. That the only option. 
That's happened twice to me.  I liked my co-workers and the company, but I couldn't take my boss and ultimately, I had to leave.
Yes, when it got to the point where we were both avoiding each other.
Why let someone, or some dysfunctional organization, suck the life out of you? Move on. 
Yes.  And my wife is looking for another job because of her boss, too.
I've done it.  Left due to an A-hole.  I've also left on principle.  But working for myself now.... I guess I can't complain about the mgmt too much.  ;-)  Wouldn't do me any good anyway right? hee hee
I left a new job within a month of starting. The boss was loud and abrasive. Now I am happy and I run my own business.

I never want to be anywhere where I sacrifice my happiness.
If you want to enjoy and stay longer into your next job/work, make sure you're working with a leader, not a boss...
I definitely left my last job because of issues with my manager.
I left because my former boss couldn't pay me on time and would sometimes write bad checks. In 2011, i would sometimes wait a month to get paid and i was an hourly employee to be paid every two weeks. It was my first job after the economy melt down, i needed the money. I left the first time my old company paid me late in 2012....nine months into the year. I vowed never to let that happen to me again. 
I once left a job I otherwise enjoyed just to get away from a boss that was an egomaniac to the point of narcissism. And they wonder why their turnover rate is through the roof...
I would say 60% true..the other 40% would be that the job itself just got tedious, repetitive, or boring.
Ps, i had two bosses at the sametime, an architect and a lawyer. The lawyer(son of owner) would lie to us about getting paid and the architect(owner) would write bad checks or pay late. 
I haven't yet but I have been thinking about it.
Yes, I've became jobless because of my "boss" as he's not a leader
Yes, True !!! {But my current bosses are great!}
Yes I've quit several good jobs where I liked the company yet I felt no support or had to play politics with my manager. I hate job drama and politics. Thats why I am a professional truck driver, never at the home office, other drivers just want the same thing, to do their jobs and be left alone to do it. I was a store manager and salesman for years and got tired of the square job and politics, employees that did not care. They wanted higher pay but only wanted to work 40 hrs per week. my bosses wanted 60 +  hr from me. Sorry to many bad memories.
Left a job cause my manager was a douche bag stealing ideas to make his own
It takes a well rounded individual to be a good manager. Not many can perform the task.
Certainly why I left my last job... My boss was probably the worst things to happen to the great company... 
I would agree with that statement. 
Thats so true,especially the ones that come highly qualified, can't lead from the front.totally without ideas.
Companies just reflect what their management think. I am stronlgy convinced that organizational culture is shaped from Top management to Bottom! 
Why doesn't anyone do something about it? Everyone waits for society to stand up but it never does, know why? You are society, that's why.
I think it's true and I would expand this to say "employees also leave management styles". (Not a particular manager per se, but a philosophy of management embraced by the company.)
I used to think the "boss from hell" was a myth and a caricature...until I had one. If you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself working for one of these beasts you'll not last very long at that job, no matter how much it pays. Spending 40 hours a week in a work environment poisoned with hostility and fear will eventually begin to infect your personal life as well, and it just isn't worth it. 
I loved the owner of my previous job but i hated the boss,..his dad!
hahahaha, I am about to with my current job. things were fine when our senior employees were here, they had been here longer than her. But when they left, and she started to take a larger role in our operations around life has sucked considerably more.
yep. it happens. power and authority go to some peoples' heads and make them impossible.
Ell Tee
Yes, and I've talked to a lot of people who have (one just a few hours ago).
If you have a true leader as a manager, not a "boss" (horrible word), you'd find more employees would be loyal to them.  Maybe not to the company - but the employees would be willing to stick around with a good leader.  It's a tragedy that petty-minded, micro-managing middle and upper management keep their jobs and get kudos, while those who labor under them, taking the toll both physically and psychologically, are blamed for leaving when the control-freaks and ego-maniacs over them get to be too much to handle.  Unfortunately, the current attitude of TPTB appears to be "Well, it's an employer's market", i.e. "screw you, we can replace you in a week".  So, instead of fostering a culture of leadership, employee growth, communication, and LOYALTY, they create fear, hostility, isolation, and ultimately, people who only stay because there isn't another job open elsewhere.  You can't have optimum productivity in that kind of environment!
I left be many jobs cause the boses are as dumb as a brick. 
Never. I just fuck with their brains until they fire me.
Who hasn't, they must make it mandatory all bosses take STUPID pills before each shift
No not yet?
Theres the first but you really really got t be the type so proud they will not even listen to top it off because I wont bow to her cause me troubles?
It is true. I quit my job last week because the manager is the bosses son-in-law
He's on the school board
He don't care if the employees work because they have alot of rentals and he does the repairs. So he don't have time to find jobs for the guys he hired to work full time.
My engine in my truck blew a few weeks ago and i don't have transportation or a job.

Yes sir, it is the manager that you quit!
True, and this is why it's important for folks to interview their boss prior to accepting a position.  
If l could afford to leave, l would...
I'm a union worker so he can't touch me but the people in the company that work under him come and go constantly. We've been through about 1 new human resources a year in the last 5 years. They come on happy about their new job and in no time they're smiles are gone. He has lost many good people. He's a dick!
Just left my job of 4 years 2weeks ago for the same reason, but the karma in that is she has since been let go as of friday ;) lucky to have money to fall back on for reasons like these, as long as you know ur stable in your financial situation it also gives u time to de-stress and get back to YOU, so when u venture into the next opportunity you're goin' in with a clear head and humble personality!
I definitely think that's true. Bad management can kill off a good staff faster than almost anything else. 
But isn't a company a sum of its managers and workers. I mean companies a such are nothing without the people they employ. So the dominant behavior of the people in the company can be construed as the ethos of the company as well. So when one leaves a company, you are leaving both company and the manager.
This is normal in IT. Usually when a company hires a non technical person to manage technical people it rarely ends well. 
Absolutely true. I think a lot of people would be happier if bosses treat people like people and not staff.
Nope. But I've been very lucky with my jobs so far.
For all you people who like the place you work and have a boss you don't like that much. If you are directly under them and if they left you would get their job...when you feel you are ready to fill their shoes, find out everything you can about them. Write their resume/cv. Mail it out to all the places they would qualify for. They get hired-they leave. You get promoted. Win Win for everybody, no one gets is great. You could from being the mailboy to ...oh...say Vice President of a large bank...
for real.
Yes, I left a job of 4year for that reason... Guy got promoted and became the worst person to abuse his power I ever meet..
Yes! it is the unknown when entering a new position - humans.
Managers create and maintain workplace climate.
More often than not managers are only concerned about their own arse coverage, to maintain great income for 0 work.
Micro Manager = Disaster waiting to happen.
Kind of, at least it was a contributing factor. Ironically though, that particular ex-boss doesn't even work for my old company anymore. He left maybe a year after I quit.
No. I have left because of the culture and the people who created it. Bosses come and go. 
Sometimes you as an Employee, have to know how to "Manage" your bosses! And also know who to trust, among your fellow work mates. I've learnt the hard way! They should teach teenager's more life lessons in school, but I suppose its a "life" lesson.
henry g
I've not, but have a friend who has. Said the boss always mean nd insulting

Has anyone seen bad manager leave the job due to good subordinate? 
I think it is 90% true. I have heard this from many folks over the years.
If I leave work is evidently because the manager son of a bitch is messing with me and I am not happy in my workplace. 
I worked for a company that had a situation the other way round. 
So true -  have left 2 jobs for this very reason
Management has been the reason I leave my jobs. Except in one case where it was a couple of really nasty coworkers who bamboozled the boss, so indirectly.
So many bad managers out there. The best qualities one can have is encouragement. This is the glue of great working systems. 
No, never. I have left a job quite a few times for various reasons, but my boss was never one of them. But I have not taken a job offered to me because I couldn't stand the person who would have become my boss. Twice actually. 
This is 100% true. The manager sets the tone for the department and if the manager doesn't have the knowledge on how to bring the best out of their people (without fear), then the department, and then the company, has turnover issues and reputation issues. Been there, seen that.
Dealing with that now....especially now that he's stealing office supplies.
Right now I'm working with a manager who made our office a hell. So many times I thought of quitting because of him. This is so true
yes I did :-\
And till now I couldn't find another opportunity :'( 
Yes I left my job at south bay infinity because the service manger was and is a great big asshole .... 
I must admit that I left, unwillingly. I was a department head in a nursing home. A new guy was hired to a position that outranked me. He had it in for me since the begining. Eventually, they pinned a false theft accusation on me and gave me the big "A" (alternative..)
Quit or be fired. I loved that $1,000/wk job.
Yes, anyone with power often change from who they was befor guess we could call that, getting a big head. Every company has a procedure stick to it for everytime whoever don't like it dont respect your position.
South bay infinti in Torrance wasnt the best place to work just simple because of the manager ....who let other still money from customers and let them get away with it 
Forsure couple of times they always think there better then everyone else else especially one's who like to touch your ass and u cant do nothing about unless u get it on tape
If i were a lady and some a--h--- put his mitts on me?

I'd set up a nanny cam and tape it again. Then find out when he had a family function.
Go to his wife and ask her to watch it. Then tell the family what she saw and ask them to fix that a-h--.

Then tell them that the next time i was going to the authorities before i file company charges!
This is a little off topic, but I Own a house Cleaning company.
With the economy the way it is, I am currently having the hardest time finding, then keeping employees. I pay them well, give allowances for gas and even supply them with the equipment and cleaning chemicals etc. My last person to quit was an illegal immigrant. She claimed I didn't pay enough.
She was getting $50 per house to work along side of another highly experienced house cleaner. The avg. time she put in per day? 3 hrs.  And I hear so much about unemployment...
Yes! Managers tend to loose site of work is to be? Working to benifit a company? Not to lose thier best workers? Just because the boss is an asshole!
I can't say I left a job so far because my direct manager was problematic, it's always been getting bored w/ what I'm doing, or a (perceived or real) clash between the places culture and my ideals.
Burn them all... them being management
+Edward Lister dude! That is <$17 hr. Hell i'd be great with that. And if we had issues? i'd get a 6-pack so we could settle it!

Unfortunately i live in North Carolina.
90% true, most of the time lack of leadership or management is the deal breaker. And the company is not to be blamed if they are not fully aware of the situation.
Managers tend to burn the ones that are more productive for the company? Because they look stupid! When ur doing abetter job ! Than they arent so threatened! 
This is true for me. I've left my previous job because of my manager and have moved on to start my own business.

I've complained to upper management about it and nothing much has changed. My manager is an introvert with NO management skills. He has great technical skills if he worked all by himself without managing people. But as a manager he is not a real asset to the business. Most of the people in our department has complained about him as well and again nothing much has changed.

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I am so much happier staying at home with my two kids and running a home business (mobile marketing).
Key factor to keep employees:
Healthy working environment
make no mistake about, people work for people.
My boss drove me out of my last position. Nothing I could do, was good enough. Always a sarcastic comment, to any question I had. A majority of the time I had better insights, and it was never admitted when she was wrong. I had taken the job because I had to moved to a new area. It was actually a large step down, as I was a manager for an operations department for a broker-dealer. Education doesn't always beat experience, but in this case it did. 
Definitely the case with just about everybody who worked with Serco/the listening company.
Yes it can be true I was about to quit my job at a certain company which I once worked forget but at the end he was the one who got fired
Absolutely. Infact I just did. I didn't leave the organization, I'm still with the larger group, but I left my team because of the boss.
Yes, got my bag told him that I couldn't work for a person like him and he shit himself right there. It was the best feeling ever!
I've left work because of a manager who was completely unwilling to adapt to a fast changing environment which was making his whole character change and become a complete psycho
You're either a Boss or you're a leader, they are two separate things and you'll never be both at the same time.

If you're on a power trip, you're screwed...
I think this is very true a good management team will make all the differentce in wthr they have high turn over 
Yep, left my ex job because of a coworker and my boss.
They both had a title that they had no clue what they were doing. Actually, 3 of us that left because of the same boss.
It was really sad and hard to go away too :(
But I found a new job, better paid, everyone loves my service and they are good users so I'm happy!
I left my job because hated my boss. Now it's happening again... 
You can't train an narcissist asshole to become a great manager. I always left because of bad managers. 
It is insane how managers and some Co workers get their jobs because they know someone but don't have a clue how to preform that job and it falls on the rest of the crew to pull their weight.
Hell yes, I have... It's usually a bad job because of the manager...
Only once in my entire life. But yes, I've left because of a bad manager.
I can live with an a-hole... As long as they still have integrity... But that too is dead these days 
I left my first job because of my manager... Never looked back though!
John S
Who hasn't? Even the pope did it. (too soon?)
99% of the time it works every time!
My boss was my pops, and i lived with the guy. let's just say we had issues and i ended up leaving because of him... yeah
My Boss is on g+. So I really respect and admire him.
I did. I'm glad too. 
Rudy M
Sadly, the "company" you work for is not the piece of crap that rides your butt all day because you aren't working hard enough so that he/she can look good to their own piece of crap.  I'd always rather work for a great manager than for a great company.
This is absolutely true.  It's been the reason every time.
Theoritically its true, Practically and actually i left both of em
First job, I was laid off. Second job, I left for a seasonal summer job in Yellowstone. Third job was the aforementioned seasonal job. Fifth job I left because of the manager. Sixth job, I left mostly because of a co-worker. Seventh job, I left due to infuriating micromanagement by an owner. Current job is with a temp agency. No complaints at the moment.
An employee of mine much older and wiser told me. " It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice" .
Especially if the boss knows less than you.
company's are great and awesome that's way we go to work for them, in the other hand the people that works for them sometimes do SUCK and your chances of success they become clouded for they lack of experience, just a perspective.
A company that hires, promotes and retains bad managers is a bad company, so I think this article's premise is false. 
If she's good looking, I will stay with her.
I think it's true.. because the promotion and the salary adjustment kinda rely on your bosses..
That is correct! If you have good boss you might prefer to stay.
Did that a couple years back and went straight into entrepreneur
So true I have left because of my manager, and I know at least a dozen people who have left because of their managers! 
Totally well put... people leave jobs cause of managers not companies. 
In all the organizations I've worked for, employees often complain about management ideologies more so than company standards and policies. It is closely related to a subordinate disliking the manner in which an order is given more so than the order itself. Hence management is interpreted as a reflection of an organization and is something that must be invested in, along a training capacity, by an organization. Good management aids in prevent of high employee turn over.
No mine pissed me off so i kicked ass alot of determination and ass kissing and now im his boss.
Some people just suck at dealing with people and abuse their power. That why I'm unemployed. Medication is why I'm not in jail.

I could stand personality crash. But the late manager was a manipulative liar who set us out to fail so that they had the reason to fire everyone but me. So I handed them my resignation letter on my birthday. Best birthday present I have ever given to myself.
Especially those who like to sleep with all the females in the office 
I switched from first to third shift to avoid a particular guy. Seems insane but it was actually the right call.
Yes I have and want hesitate to do so again.
Well it looks like everyone is the same page here. Yep i rather run my own shop than deal with that last one i had. Been pushing ever since. lol 
I've left every job I had, never was fired, because of the bosses I had... even my current employer is proving to be the same... searching for another job now...
A Canty
Hell Yes. Enough said. It will continue until we begin to do what we love, not what we have to settle for. 
I just fired a coworker (i call all my subordinate and peer worker coworker,you never can achieve something alone) last month, having to let go a coworker is never a pleasant situation, i feel bad since we (him and I) are unable to achieve the result we agreed upon, the good thing is we had 3 trial already, so having to let him go was the final consequences that we both know if we fail the 3rd attempt. It was a smooth process but still a not positive situation, i hope it will come up ok for both of us - A Leader is responsible for growing the subordinate skill,experience and vision to a higher level - 
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