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Streeeeeeetch! It's good for you.
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There will be a thousand "for" stretching and a thousand "against" stretching, however some research and trial and error may help out.
So if this is as important as exercise, can I do instead of exercise?
Louis Nick. That is yoga!:-) 
if you've ever pulled something, you'll never forget to stretch
Every time I stretch I hurt myself, no thanks.
"I don't buy it do you see a lion limbering up before it takes down a gazelle?" #zombieland 
In my sport stretching is an important part of the exercise. I learned to listen to my body. Don't go to far, but don't be afraid to feel a little pain. 
In response to Tyson Young, you don't see the lion stretching before pouncing on a gazelle because the lion has already stretched and limbered up ;) 
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