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Being a good decision-maker takes practice, and this is a good way to practice:
Most of us think of cleaning our inbox as a necessary chore (or one we let slide from time to time) but it can also be great exercise for our decision-making skills.
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Clutter and chaos keeps me company. Anyway, after perusing the usual junk, I do a massive purge. It's the closest thing to being like Joseph Stalin...
Sadly it's a daily thing, that’s about 4 months of buildup. I monitor a lot of servers and workstations so false positives are generated all the time. Using an Outlook rule the domain address they come from goes straight to a folder, I just quickly look over for any amber alerts and bin the rest daily.
I aim to keep my inbox empty. Only emails currently needing attention should be in there. I do this at work and at home. Meanwhile, my boss usually has about 5000 emails in his inbox and often needs telephoning to tell him you've emailed him.
There's a different set of rules for my personal email vs my professional email. I keep the professional email filed, sorted and the inbox should have nothing that hasn't just arrived. The personal,,,,,messy and full.
You need to find what works for YOU, not what someone else tells you works for them. Its good to read up on these though to get some ideas, but I'll stick with what works thxs
Dang! This made me take another look at my personal inbox....I HAD to clean it up. However, I must point out; I am a great decision maker:)
Set up filters! Great way to keep emails out of your inbox (but they lurk in your mail)
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