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Finally, a scientific explanation for why our minds wander when we do boring things:
Letting your mind wander from time to time can actually help your brain process information, and can serve as a workout for your "working memory," or your mental capacity for handling multiple thought...
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Hooray! Perfect justification to continue zoning out in meetings.
I knew it !
I probably have really strong "working memory" now :)
....I could have used this in school.
But does it matter what you daydream about?
Doing it in class rite now!
i am doing it every mathematic time........
Kun An
It does work, especially for the one who works all day.
Yeah, it makes me sound actually intelligent this way. Shoulda thought this up ages ago.
I do that all the time. Still don't see any benefits to my brain power.
When i wonder in my mined, I come back to reality to fined that everything my teacher has talked about i missed and don't remember anything. which causes me to fail my tests lol.
With all the daydreaming I do, I should be a super genius at this point
that is soooooooooooooooooooo cool
+Lance Walker
Yea... and I put something like... ugh, wait can't remember
Can somebody explain that to my son's teacher?
and BAD for your carreer!
i'm always day dreaming...good feeling(-^〇^-)
Kenny G
I know what I'm doing at my next work meeting. ;-)
Nice. Guess my brain's been working out alot. Hehe. Thanks for sharing.
I dont feel so bad when ever i dream off now
I thought it was just ADHD kicking in.
but sometimes the mind just wonders off when you really need to concentrate. makes me feel lazy
i never dream t about for my entire life time but i love some ppl -the same way they hate me.and i never want a role in their dreams.Cos corps cannot act.they can make a wall to draw my filthy face.and i know what i am and where am upto ----10*6
I must be the smartest guy in the world then! LOL!
Everything in world had a scientific proof..n this look as interesting.
Mine wonders all the time to the point of itinerant !
always dreams brings about reality, we ought to dream
wow..better tell my mom bout this.. :P
someone says always to me that come out of the dream world
That's funny... My mom used to tell me that it would be a dreamer who saved this world.. I never forgot that and to this day I still dream. When was the last time any of you took a few minutes to look up at the sky and remember what the color blue really was? Were you lucky enough to watch the clouds take shape and give meaning to your thoughts? Try it sometime, it makes the world big again. There really is beauty out there if you dare to look...
Well it about time now they just need to say sleeping is good for you too! :-D
Haha there's plenty of time to sleep when you die...
I guess I need to day dream more often... I might help me keep my brain more focused on my to do list! LOL
Daydreamin. Fall asleep beneath the flowers. For a couple of hours. What a beautiful day.
I don't know. The guy in the pic looks like he has a hangover
Hungover , daydreaming... Whats the difference .
hungover is when u have a HUGE headache after drinking daydreaming is when you think of something and you cant pay attention to your surroundings
um.... i think that u may have ur facts scrammbled a bit. it may help ur brain process info but when u r in a test for instance that will decide what you do for the future, u may not want to daydream.. even if the test is boring.
but my experience is different..everyone says its bcz of my daydreaming i used to forget even simple stuffs of daily life...
wot am i talking about. i think daydreaming is cool and i believe that doing it in class is a much better way of passing time than doing sommert like science or maths. i admit i do a great deal of daydreaming and hardly notice what the teacher is saying. (then again that may also be down to fact that i lack one thing.... the ability to care)
If daydreaming built better brains, I'd be President of the Universe by now. Hmmm…President of the Universe…wow, that'd be neat. What's the first thing I'd do…?
This is not the ultimate marathon. There will be others.
Your working memory is like your brains RAM! (Don't take that seriously I just made that up)
My brain must be in good shape if daydreamings good for it
How has this been on "what's hot" for so freaking long?
Jeez, my brain must be in gr..........................
hi kaman fong how r u
Are you kidding? I don't have time to daydream on my job - because I'd fall asleep and start dreaming - that fast!
it is not an idea it is a fact.every body is suffering from this cancer .....why head ache
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