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Why didn't I think of this five years ago?
Screen protectors aren't as necessary as they used to be, but if you still like to use them on your phone, YouTuber minh8080 has a foolproof method for applying them.
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Screen protectors suck, they ruin your touch screen experience. It's worth it to get a new phone with gorilla glass!
Elijah Lynn
Screen protectors are like wearing a condom, it feels better without them.
Say what you must. Some of us care a bit more about our gadgets considering how much they cost.
I would rather just replace the screen if it gets jacked up.
So simple! One of those things you think "Oh. Why didn't I think of that?"
This inspired me to remove my screen protector. It's like I have a new phone!
That video was excruciating... "STOP FIDDLING AND JUST PEEL IT OFF, DAMMIT"
Oh, yeah, that's right. If you have an iPhone it probably isn't that easy to replace a screen.
Great method if you are going to put some protection on though!
Screen protector quality has come along way since the Palm days. I still have a package of 4 for my Palm T3 I remember all those little scratches from playing Bejeweled
I've been doing this since the p910 (who remembers that bit of kit?), I still prefer a martin fields one to any other brand, funny that.
Awesome tip. But an aside - when did the default color for masking tape change to blue?  I've seen that more and more recently.
TIL I've been doing it incorrectly for years.
Gorilla glass isn't a guarantee your screen won't scratch as my girlfriend proved shortly after getting a RAZR maxx.... She put it in her purse and apparently her emery board was attracted to it lol
+Jamie Fellrath Blue masking tape is "painter's tape" it has a very weak adhesive so that it doesn't mar the surface you are using it on during the brief time it will be taped.
I've been applying screen protectors this way for years and can say that it works very well. Just make sure your surfaces are clean and you're working in a clean area. There is nothing worse than getting some piece of dirt or a hair under the screen protector that you just perfectly applied.
Well then you're applying them wrong, especially if you get air bubbles.

Likewise, if you get dust stuck on the underside while applying them you use sticky tape (ordinary sellotape will do) to get it off.  
Another tip is to apply it in your bathroom after running a hot shower for a few minutes.  The moisture in the air knocks down all of the dust that can get on the screen.
This is a pice of shit
I think invisishield is the best screen protector.
People who don't care probably don't pay for their belongings or must make easy money lol.
+Humberto Cristobal or we do our research and don't spend money on things we don't actually need. Don't put sharp things in your pocket with your phone or lay it face down on non flat items. Most of what people get with glass screens these days is etching not scratching. That said, cheap phones may not use quality scratch resistant glass and need these things. 
You could do this or just have ghost armor put on it and not have to worry about it. I've had GA on all of my i products and it is great and doesn't come off.
My grandmother used to have clear plastic covers on her furniture to keep it new looking but the cover itself ruined the look and feel of the furniture. That's what screen covers remind me of.
I'm a fan of matte screen protectors - cut a bit of the reflection and glare off the iDevices.
Now if you could just find a way deal with that tiny spec of dirt that always finds its way under there no matter how many times you clean it, blow it with air, or hide in a vacuum of space...... fml never fails. 
HAHAHA!!! Funny that's how I've always applied my screen protectors!!!!
Screen protectors are also huge marketing scam! But anyone who is truly careless with their gear should get one.
Lol "people who don't care" I said obviously if you have all those precautions with your phone you do care so I wasn't talking to you guys take it easy lol.
very ingenious, it`s not really such a big deal to put the screen protector on but this makes it easy for anybody to do it.
Before reading this thread, I never knew screen protectors were controversial!
haha wow... nevef thought that a year of english with u could have done that... 80%
I was expecting some miracle method that will prevent dust getting under the protector. This just insures you'll apply it correctly. Not impressed. To get a perfect application, use the same soapy solution as wet protectors.
This is the same way people in the sign industry apply vinyl to windows and other substrates. Just make sure your surface is clean or you'll application will look like hell.
+Jay Graf sure, but just by peeling off the first layer like that, you can get dust stuck to the underside. A better method would be to peel it off as you lay it on the screen. But again, for small devices, I just use the wet method. Flawless everytime.
With gorilla glass these things are pointless. Gorilla Glass is a 9 on the Mohs scale (equivalent to sapphire), anything below a 9 will not scratch it. Steel is about a 5. Cubic Zirconias are an 8. Hardened steel is an 8. Titanium is a 6.
Asphalt is a 2. Concrete is an 8. Vinyl (which most of these protectors are made of) is a 2.5!

You can't scratch it. Don't waste money on these gimmicks.
Because phones get scratches on the screen which makes them harder to resell. It's a phone not a fashon accessory.
+Remeniz Tex I can throw my phone in with the keys. I can wipe the screen clean with any material. And still no scratch. My anti-matte screen reduces glare, fingerprints and is actually smoother than just glass. If you're happy not using a protector, good for you. But don't say it's better.
I show that method to everyone I know.One credit card two pieces of tape.
I have a HTC One X and I had to put screen protector because the so called Gorilla Glass started to scrats right away, so I don't think that Gorilla glass is that good
+Michael Cohen how many scratched iPhone 4 screens must you see before you take back that bullcrap statement?
I think a lot of people have had experiences with crappy screen protectors. Don't buy them at the store you buy your phone from. Go buy them from a legitimate company.
+Linh Nguyen I have repaired over 100 of them and every single one that had any scratches at all was shattered by a side-on blow (landing on the side of the phone from a drop or throw or something), which is an admitted weakness of current-generation gorilla glass, which a protector does nothing for.
It's made for scratches not drops and throws. Most of the phones that do that are the iPhone and the GSIII. Most people don't have that problem.
OK one other exception was one that got shot by a bullet, but I didn't think it warranted immediate mention.
+Michael Cohen Maybe your definition of a "scratch" is different than mine. But I've bought and sold many many devices with Gorilla Glass and seen tons of scratches. Sure, most aren't deep, but they are still scratches.
+Douglas Harry exactly, and Gorilla Glass does an excellent job of not getting scratched all by itself, so these things exist just to take peoples money
+Linh Nguyen I have not seen a visible to the naked eye scratch on an iphone 4 or 4S yet that wasn't caused by something insanely hard (sapphire, diamond, crazy concrete concoctions) or as a result of massive force - such as the screen being on concrete and being run over by a car which sent the phone flying once it came out from under the tire
Jot Sat
The only time a screen protector is even remotely close to my phone is when I walk pass it in the mall
Screen film annoys me. Having a sleeve to make the screen recessed, and taking care not to put it in my pocket with keys is all I have ever needed. 10+ smartphones, and never scratched one.
Google is your friend, +Michael Cohen  I don't want to do the work for you. But there are people out there who have scratched Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.
Right, because researches are always 100% right.
Razr maxx with Corning glass. Practically unscratchable and unbearable 
Screen protectors aren't just about scratches, they come in handy when your toddler finds your phone and a sharpie at the same time! Just peel that mess right off! (after you go hide the sharpie...again.)
+Linh Nguyen Mohs scale is one of the cornerstones of geology, which is a very old science.  You're free to disagree with it but why not buy an $8 piece of gorilla glass or even an old somewhat broken piece and try it with a hardness kit?  Don't take my word or Cornings if you don't want to.
So the lab says its super hard but people are getting their phones scratched. 
Iphone screens crack really easy.
+Douglas Harry  feel free to provide evidence that includes what materials caused the scratches in GG or GG2 and in what circumstances.

+Adam Starrh cracking comes from side blows and that has nothing to do with screen protectors.

+Nicholas Jakobczyk find a piece of gorilla glass and the hardest thing you have ever carried in your pocket and try to scratch it. Go ahead.
it doesn't really matter, it will still brake easily, and the screen should be crash resistant
+Michael Cohen fine, but you must have terrible vision or haven't seen that many iPhones if you have yet to see a scratched iPhone. And all those people selling their iPhones and iPads on CL must be very dumb to say that there are scratches on the screens of their devices. This is my old iPhone 4. I've never dropped it or taken a hammer to the screen. There are many more minor scratches, but this is the biggest one. Maybe I'm just unlucky to have gotten the only bad piece of Gorilla Glass in existence.
+Michael Cohen I am being serious here and not trying to insult you. You are an adult/ You have Google. Please google for the stories. There are people out there who have scratched Gorilla Glass, I am sorry if you believe Corning when they say their glass is scratch proof or because you personally haven't seen it happen. You are already convinced that Gorilla Glass is scratch proof  and you won't even perform a simple search  so what else can I say. It is worth it to me to spend $10 and have something that pretty much guarantees my phone won't get scratched, It is a good investment for me.

I take back the statement about GG2, haven't seen it yet.
Gorilla Glass is so overrated. I wiped my 3 month old S2 on my jeans to clear some finger prints and must have caught a piece of grit as I gained a nice new inch long scratch.
It's a load of nonsense.
In the right light I can see multiple very light scratches. I care for my phone very well, always face up, never dropped and always in an empty pocket.

My last phone I got the screen protector on it perfectly first time (most people assumed I hadn't put one on it)
It did slightly degrade the touch sensitivity but you couldn't see it.
Window Tinters have been using this trick for 30 years. 
Screen protects your phone from finger prints not from scratches.
Wtf! Just use the phone as it was intended....
Yeah it's pretty weird how we treat our phones so preciously, +Brandon Lang We never did this with our watches and some of them were far more expensive (not mine, mind)
I use a bit of water on the screen. You can move the protector and ajust it better.
The way iPhone and Android ppl crack their screens, they're still very much necessary!
The oils from your hands that build up on the glass and plastics discolor the device over time. A screen protector keeps your screen oil free and the olephic coating in tact
I watched this and my wife thought I was watching porn based on the music
The only thing holding my screen together right now. Just happen today so salty 
I got a galaxy s2. No need for a screen protector. Check out the drop tests.
no offense but a post about screen protectors is stupid
Screen protectors can be "marketing scam" But if you search 5 minutes on ebay, you can buy 10 pieces with 4 euros. You can change those protectors as ofter as your underpants! We have a saying in Finland "it's ok to ask high price, but it's just plain stupid to pay that high price (when it's easy to get it cheap)"
+Jamie Baker or rather than hiding the sharpie or phone, simply put them out of reach of said toddlers. ;)
Never had a problem with soapy water. Same as doing window tint.
I hate screen protectors almost as much as an iPhone case. Ruins the experience. But, I get that some people are just clumsy and accidents happen. Maybe if it weren't a $500+ device....
Gorilla vs protector ... I would rather protect my investment... Either way gorilla glass gets scratched however, it is so much more affordable to replace a protector than a new phone...
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I don't use a screen protector on my skyrocket, because it takes some of clarity out of the screen. I take care of my shit too. 
I wish they had a screen protector for the screen protector...mine always seem to get bubbles no matter how smoothly they go makes the screen look worse and not as clear! I say keep it screens are very durable!
I attempted to take care of my phone too. then one day I pulled my phone out of my pocket, which the it was sharing with a notebook... and found scratches all over the screen. 
I then had a 'duh' moment as I took out my notebook and noticed the staples.
I dont like the feel of touch on bare glass. With anti fingerprint screen protector, the touch is smoother
i actually like the background track than the idea..
I have a screen protector and have never had a problem with the sensitivity. It also has the added bonus of protecting screen from finger prints, ( which I hated,always wiping the screen clean). Bonus all around, 100% happy!
I remember when my grandma took the plastic OFF of her couch. It had been on there for for a good 20 years. I use a Zagg shield, it is NOTHING like the plastic on the couch.
you can clearly see bubbles under the protector right in the last shot of that video!
Droid RAZR Maxx doesn't need one gorilla glass baby!
Apple started using Gorilla glass first with the iPhone. Other "smart" phones took Apple's lead.
Corning invented it, but had no idea what market to use it in...then Steve Jobs called. The rest is history.
Theodora perhaps taking an English course at your local community college would do you well.
Screen protectors are essential. I would never use a phone without one. Those people who don't use them don't know what they are talking about. In the video the screen protector being applied is terrible. You have to get a really nice ultra thin one. They are a bit expensive but with it ($5 each). I have used my phone with one and without and there is absolutely no discernible difference. My protector has saved my phone on a number of occasions. The only down side is they are harder to clean, but if you clean it regularly you can make it last for almost a year and (if you get the nice one) it looks great on your phone too.
Wouldn't watch video because it had an Apple product in it... who knows, maybe Apple invented the "hinge method" too, hate to be liable for watching a "copy" of their method! rant ;)
y u hate one direction Auston Deaner???
I use a skin instead of semi rigid screen protector. Won't work with this method, but provides great protection and touch sensitivity.
+Jamie Fellrath its called blue tape. It is different than masking tape because the adhesive leaves much less residue and it leaves a nicer line for painting.
My iPhone 4S slid across a Paris sidewalk for about 15 feet on New Years. Yes I was drunk. No damage. Go gorilla glass!
Anybody tried Skinomi screen protectors... wet type... I did and did a bad job...sigh... good quality but poor workmanship on my part...
have you guys heard about lifeproof for the iphone 4 and 4s they say it's water proof can any one confirm this before i get hit with the 90 dollars thanks!
I am not concerned about scratches. It's fingerprints and oil that gets on it when using it for phone calls. Get a good screen protector with a matte finish, and the touch sensitivity is fine and you're not constantly cleaning the screen.
try the otter box it protects yur phone!!!! with a built in screen protector!!!! check it!
Gorilla glass is a marketing stunt. It scratches and breaks just as easy.
All I have to say is everybody has there own opinion or preference. Personally I have one on my galaxy s3.
or just have Geek Squad install it and don't worry about it. I'm damn good at installing these, and even I paid them to have it done.
the video got too boring within 10 seconds :D
My daughter got a hold of a fine tipped metal object and ran it across my phone screen. The top of my screen protector was badly damaged but the screen underneath was in pristine condition. I have seen lots of phones that are several years old, virtually all of them have some form of screen damage. I have yet to see a phone over two years old, had no screen protector throughout its life, and its screen remained in new condition. I had my iPhone for over two years though and its screen is still in new condition. Perhaps some people can do it, but I would much rather spend $5 on a screen protector and not have to worry about it, because for me, life happens. FYI, Gorilla glass is not scratch proof.
Another thing, replacing a screen protector is a whole lot easier than replacing a damaged screen.
Why they take so long to finally bring them out
Really... I put mine on while driving a car...
I hate screen protectors, I always get bubbles trapped in the screen. Maybe this will work...
Stupid waste of time. I could put on 10 screen protectors in the time it took to put that one on. Boooring
Every new device now comes with scratch resistant gorilla glass. Putting on a screen protector is so old school.
Or maybe u should've came and seen me when I worked at Apple... I was a pro at it...
This is a hilarious discussion. I have a Zagg shield for my S2, and it's crystal clear and super smooth (no bubbles). It's much easier to clean smudges off the shield than off the bare glass.
Can't believe I'm the 200th plus person commenting on screen protectors.  Seems more important then the elections this year. 
15 bucks over 100 to replace my screen. That's a no brainer.
Sgp make the best screen protectors and as long as they are applied correctly, then you shouldn't notice any difference using the phone. Some of you on here are plainly a bunch of idiots. Ignorant of the facts as always.
Auto body shops, bike shops, graphic designers, sign people and more have all been using the hinge method to apply decals etc for years.  So why didn't I use it on my iPhone till now?  LOL
works for stickers of all types. helpful to START with the hinge method but better late then never
Good stuff
I put skin on back and top and fill happy! Usage even best screen protector makes color not so sharp. I remove it after two year. Now it's great to see real colors;-)
Or... never use a screen protector. Waste of money on glass screens.
+Josh Froehlich You'd think it's a waste of money, but I have a small scratch on my GSIII though I've never put anything else in the same pocket.
Arseholes. Its worth paying out a small amount for a high quality screen protector if you have a quality phone. Most of you no doubt spend a very small amount on the cheap crap that is out there. But then again, most of you have cheap crap phones to begin with I suspect.
No it can save u a lot of money if u install it initially...
Used a screen protector soon as I bought my iPhone 4. Good move
If it needs a screen protector and a case to function properly you can call it magical.
I doubt this works for 3M type protectors (stretch material with stronger adhesive). But it will work for the plastic sheet stuff as shown in the video.
This is amazing!! Love, love, love it!!
+Aaron Albrecht gorilla glass isn't as scratchproof as everyone claims. I managed to somehow scratch mine and no idea how. Gentle use. Keep it in a dedicated cell phone pocket. I think screen protectors are still valuable.
Still can see lot of bubble...
Yeah, exactly! I don't want to keep replacing screen protectors either!!! 
I have a new hack to protect your screen.  Keep your keys in your other pocket.
I have tough screen protection to protect  u.
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