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This simple chart shows you how to make the perfect cup of tea, for any type of tea (bagged, that is) you might have:
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So the correct steeping time isn't "when I remember I'm making a cup of tea?" ^^;
I am truly grateful to +Lifehacker for so many tips and enhancements to my daily life...

...but the day I take advice on making a cup of tea from our American cousins is the day that the Queen will revoke my passport! :-P
seems like my prew comment got feet and flocked off so i state my point again .. this post is just stupid actually .. and just to clarify i like reading about other stuff you post .. but this one just made my day :0
theres a kid reading this somewhere that has no idea what teabag means in this context.... 
+David FAURIO you said it well and theirfor there is a good serch engine that helps you with convering C to F and the other way around :P
Now if only my electronic kettle had a temperature setting.
+Nicholas Howard Could be I was only being partially serious. ;-)

(But any fool knows you can't make a good brew in Boston Harbour! Water quality, temperature, ratio of leaves to water... wrong, wrong, wrong...)
I've always found these times to be way too short for me. I usually steep black tea for a very minimum of 6 or 7 minutes, sometimes as much as 15!
Really good tea (like a Darjeeling) should never be bought in a tea-bag.
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