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For those of you sick of the dumbed-down Windows Explorer:
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hmmmm, gues that I don't need it, hehe
it's bundled with a bunch of spyware/crapware
Actually, those spyware/crapware comes by default with windows installation

Never had a problem with GOTD installers. The installer does call home to make sure you installed it in the 24-hour window for the daily deal, but that's it. I've gotten some very nice stuff from them.
The license for Total Commander is one of the worthiest software purchases I ever made. I know you think it's ugly, but you can customize it and its usefulness just cannot be expressed by words :)
This is complete crapware and you cannot upgrade it. Just get a license to Total Commander. I think LH needs to be taken off my feed.
I like Windows Explorer, and occasionally I use Bridge (how does Adobe not have it's own OS yet?)

All I really want is a plugin to add tabs to Explorer. That's it. Juggling windows is a pain, even across 69" of triple monitors, and I just want to be able to view it in an easier way that is familiar to Chrome and every other browser out there. 
+CJ Griesmeyer 
I recommend Clover

Installer in Japanese Chinese, but the program itself is English. 

(Basically just Windows Explorer + tabbed browsing) 
If you need all that gadgetry to make the file-browsing GUI useful for your needs ... you probably need to just learn how to use the shell.
I think I'll stick to using 'ls' and 'grep' I can't imagine that does anything those two can't already do.
If you don't accept the defaults and the 3rd party crap it is totally worth it to have the ability to create pdf without paying Adobe. And its free! IJS
I'll stick with my terminal, never was very interested in graphical file browsers in the first place...
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