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If you're like me and forget people's names as soon as they say them, this is a simple strategy:
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Or you can attribute my name with either Google or a Hookah haha +James Cowan 
I don't remember people's names because I don't listen to them saying it. Who needs a hook a line or anything else when paying attention would suffice?
BWAHAHA!  You're going to be in West Hollywood, lets not call you "Hookah", might confuse people :P  I remember your name because its unique to me, but I agree in large groups its hard to remember everyone's name.  I say, do the best you can especially if you are going to be interacting a lot with  a person, and if you forget someone else's name just be polite, be honest about it, and ask them again.
+James Cowan hahaha...there have been times where people misheard Hookah for hooker, guess I need to rethink this :D

I do feel bad when I feel like I should know a persons name, but forgot it so I introduce them to someone else until they say their name. 
For some odd reason I seem to have an easier time recalling the names of attractive females compared to other people (i.e. males and, er, less attractive females). I wonder how that can be explained...
I tried this when a new neighbor moved in by tying his name to video games.  Unfortunately, now I don't remember if his name is Luigi or Mario.  True story.
The task of remembering visual hooks and names becomes double and simply it doesn´t work at the end.
It's just a simple matter of effort, I suspect. If you took the same amount of time and effort you'd take to invent a suitable creative hook by which to remember somebody, and used that time to just remember their name, I reckon the results would be just as good for most people. But the mnemonic trick works especially well compared to our usual (rather poor) remembering-things techniques because it forces you to spend the time needed to do the job of remembering properly, and what's more it actively focuses your attention on the thing you're supposed to be remembering.
I always remember interesting people, not just name and face, but what their story was.... the ones who I cannot remember even after 2 or more introduction probably deserve it for some reason. Sorry guys... :-P
Have you heard about Visul Intelligence? and the the kind of intelligence people use to catch the reality? noteverybody get to know somthing by using the same sense  this man Howard Gardner is who made the study.
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