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Wunderlist is our favorite to-do app for almost every platform, but Wunderlist 2 has much much more to love. Here's what's new and why it's worth downloading:
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Sadly, their systems are down.  Can't sync from the apps, can't login to the website.  Some problems were showing up in the last couple weeks, but today is a catastrophic failure.  And I'd really like to get to my holiday to-do list right now ...
Oh, and they seem to have dropped linux as a supported platform.
I am trying out Evernote right now.  What I like about it is that it has a downloadable application available, which makes me feel like I'm getting a richer user experience rather than some cheap web page.  It also has the iOS app and web app available too though.  Synchronize across all devices through your Evernote account (optionally).
This app looks amazing! Too bad I don't really do anything to make a list for.

Excited to see this app move to version 2. I've really found it useful.
Tried to sign up only to find a website that doesn't respond to multiple sign-up attempts. Maybe later?
I think I'll just go ahead and wait for a few more days. Too many error reports right now.
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