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Because sometimes getting out of the house is really, really hard.
Dear Lifehacker, Tech has made my home awesome; I can watch anything I want in a heartbeat; I can track my pizza through every stage of delivery; I can even work from home.
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"Introverted weirdo." Nice. Let's try "Extroverted weirdo" on for size. Because extroverts seem insane to me. There's nothing wrong with being introverted. If someone is worried about becoming one, they aren't one and it will not happen. What he means to say is, "how do I make sure UI get enough social contact for my needs?" This is the valid question you failed to find.
Lulz. Dis introverts online and you're going to get some blowback.
I am with people 12hs a day. thats enough for me. I love my solitude-weekends, need them. In my work, I often have contact with angry people... and on concerts, they are the people, which stand on my toes or talking loud in their mobile during movies in the cinema... no thought of"I would like to join them"
I need my solitude time that is for sure....and I am addicted to my PC
Dan C
404 Not found ..
Yeah the page is a dead link now.
Too late! ...hoivin in the glavin
I just read the article. It's still up.
Dan C
yeah, became reachable for me ...
Me thinks a family vacation, via the rail, is about to be in the works!
I believe, not the answer is the problem (by LH) but the question... someone hast told the questioner, that he is mad, weird... oh, and Howard Hughes had serious mental problems, he wasnt "just an weird introvert"... this does not mean, we introverts have serious mental problems -.- (but its funny, to think about it^^)
As an introverted weirdo, all I can tell them is to go screw themselves with a reciprocating saw. BTW, I'm an introvert because because I'm a misathrope.....the weirdo is highly subjective.
Great book and a great ted talk.
very inspirational TED-Talk, 1 minute after watching this, I had ordered the book ;D
Introverts are not socially or physically isolated people, they just need some alone time now and then to recharge.
As a "stay-at-home" mum, I deliberately find reasons to go out and about; I meet with other mums, go to baby groups, walk to the shops, visit parks and walk in the meadows near my house. Once a week I go play guitar with friends.

Working from home, means that home isnt as appreciated as a purely comfort-zone base; getting out, makes it seem more like a base than a station...

Great tips!

doesn't matter who you are if you're confident about it, cliches are for idiots who can think only in categories.
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