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How many languages do you speak? Are there any you'd like to learn?
Most people would already describe someone who knows multiple languages as a smart person, but there's new research that shows learning and knowing more than one language can have a deeper impact on t...
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I'm embarrassed to say I only speak English. I speak a few words of most European languages, especially German, but I'd really like to learn Polish or Russian and Japanese.
5 and I would like to learn Swedish and French too
I'm fairly fluent in: American English (including the northeastern, southern dialects), Canadian English, Austrailian English, Caribbean English, Irish English and British English (aka English English). I can also understand some Jive, Ebonics and most foreign languages spoken by persons holding a gun.
Two. Indonesian and English, and I'd love to be able to understand Chinese :)
I speak several languages, but I can't say it's done me any good. Thanx to the Internet and G+, I no-longer have to speak at all.
I speak Italian and English, and know some Portuguese.
i speak telugu and english and a bit hindi.i like to learn french!
Explains why most Americans are dumb as a bag of hammers.
I speak 3 languages. But I'd like to speak more in English.
what's about programming languages? i could offer a dozen ... ;)
I speak 3 languages well : French, English and German.
Also, learning a language that's completely different from what you usually speak is kind of cool, offers brand new perspective! That's why I am also learning Japanese, but it's not as good as the others ;)
Yep language, explain the same thing with different sounds,

Try Welsh, more like a vocal exercise than a language
Je suis linguiste de formation et les langues font partie integrante de moi. J'aurai aime etre a la fois linguiste et polyglotte. J'adore manier les langues. Les seuls outils indispensables a la communication
I read somewhere that being able to speak a tonal language is actually better for the brain, due to its heightened complexity. I can speak English and Mandarin. Am trying to improve my Cantonese.
English, French and Spanish.
I speak Afrikaans, English, Flemish/Dutch, can understand German & I'm learning Slovak at the moment. Slovak is quite hard as a new language.
English, Hebrew, and Spanish.
all and none (english)
English, French, Spanish...working on Thai and it is not easy. I am learning with my toddler, at about the same pace too.
Spanish, Catalan, English, C#, little bit of French... I tried to learn German but it's too much for my brain.
Hey Hakim Amamou, finally a Moroccan here. I do speak, Arabic, French, Spanish & English. You guys should visit Tangier, Marrakesh, and will see kids, speaking multiple languages, just for hanging out with tourists.
Polish (native), English and German. Planned: Japanese, Swedish and French (in this order).
It's much easier for Europeans to pick up new languages than Americans, they're surrounded by countries that speak different languages. For example, a Dutch person living on the Dutch/German border basically speaks a German dialect already. In contrast Americans only hear English for the most part unless they're near the Mexican border or happen to live near a Spanish speaking family.
Polish (native); English & Spanish (certificates); Italian, Portuguese - intermediate level; Turkish, Hindi, French, Russian - beginner level; Swahili, Egyptian Arabic - first steps made
Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, English, German.
Spanish, Portuguese, English and 2 dialects ..guarani and creole form Capre Verde ... want to learn Chinese!
only both: America signing language and English language, NO SPANISH So sad!
I speak English as my native language and Portuguese fluently as my second language. I am also proficient in Spanish and know some German
I speak English, Mando'a, and a little Huttese. I have been meaning to learn Bocce, though.
I speak English, Deutsch, Russian, Kazakh and I want to learn Spanish and Hebrew!
OK, we know the advantages of speaking more than one language. But what about those who speak less than one language?
Japanese and English. Italian seems it would be fun to learn, but doubt I will have time to get around to that.
English (Texas variety y'all), a bit of Spanish and ton of computer languages (do those count?)
English, Arabic, and a bit of French :D
Good in English and Cantonese, a little Latin and Mandarin, very basic Korean and Dutch.

I'm going to learn Mercian one of these days.
English, Spanish (easy in California), ASL, and a fair amount of French. 
English natively, basic Mandarin, basic Cantonese (but can understand it pretty well) can read Chinese at survival level
I speak three languages: Russian, English, Lithuanian. Now, if I could only speak French I'd be a very happy man :)
Romanian and Russian - native. English fluent, French - conversational, German and Hebrew - basic. Can understand Ukrainian and Belorussian languages. Use daily 3 - 4 languages. Problems, brain boost?
Speaking: German & English.
Learning: Arabic - the most amazing language!
(Therefore, I can read everything on the picture above which is really nice.)
I am trying to learn German. I was told that if I speak Mandarin, it is easier for me to learn the language. Not too sure about that.
i can speak a lot of words in German, a few words in french 1 word in Spanish and 2-3 words in Turkish
I knew I was smart, but I just learned that I got smarter...
Arabic (native), English (intermediate), German (beginner)
If someone wants to practice those languages with me, it will be great.
I speak Arabic and know English , I want to learn Italian and Japanese
tell me the one spanish word isn't cerveza...
عربي فرنسي انجليزي
I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and Turkish. I am trying to teach my baby Portuguese and Turkish at the same time. Any tips for helping the child to deal with two languages?
Fluently speaking Swedish (native) and English, know a few words in Spanish, Norwegian and Danish. Understand Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Planning to learn Finish, Mandarin, Arabic and German.
English , Arabic
if i have time i'd love to learn French
ndebele ,shona,bemba,english,tswana,french ,kalanga n tonga
Defintly French because my sister took it and says it all around the house.If only I could understand what she says!
english hindi and sanskrit. Like to learn some spanish someday
English, Spanish and some American Sign Language.
My brother speaks 4 or 5 languages, but I can barely communicate or comprehend in English.
Arabic (native language)
& English
& No I wouldn't like to learn any new language :)
English and trying to learn Spanish. Not as easy I had hoped, but still pushing through with it:)
I speak 3 and understand 5, and hoping to learn rusian this year
I speak Russian, Ukrainian and slowly English. I whod like to lean English better.
fluent in english arabic and chaldean, i know french but not very well, would love to be fluent at it, and i would love to learn turkish dont know why
I'm trying to learn German, but I need brain boost to begin with!
I understand 7: English (duh), Sinhala (my mother-tongue), Tamil, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Bahasa Melayu. Picking up Cantonese, Spanish and Latin. That would make 10.
Anyone wants to bet when my brain is going to burst?
For me, I speak and write Java, Perl, HTML, Javascript, and C++. ;) Oh, you those languages that we speak to co-workers?! Yup, still the same answer. !)
I know if you drink a lot you can speak German real easy !
I speak English and Castellano. I'm interested in learning Icelandic or Swedish...
That's Morocco :) I speak 5 languages :) Arabic is one of them ;)
Fluent English. Conversational Norwegian, Hindi, Spanish. Utility words/phrases in Danish, Dutch, Japanese. Ice breaker songs in Tagalog, Hawaii'an. Pleasantries in Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Chamorru, Russian, Italian, French. Proverbs in Swahili, Tamil. I /LOVE/ learning languages and the cultural insights that come from the loanwords.
+Russell Lee Yep - just songs though. And curse words. But who wouldn't want to be cursed out in Hawaii'an! It sounds like you're saying such nice things. Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai is one I sing a lot though I often mess up on the 3rd verse.
I recently found myself in conversation with a small group of friends and quickly found out that I was the only one who only spoke one language. What a disadvantage. The others knew Greek, Mandarin, French, Hebrew and American sign language. The one I would most like to try is sign as I think I would have the best chance of picking up a visual language.
I can speak 2 really well, and one a little bit "French", and i would love to learn more French and start learning other languages like japanese
English, Conversational German and French, written Spanish, and some Czech. Klingon was a hobby when i was 10.
I know English and some sign language. I want to learn German,French,Polish,Russian,Hebrew, and Arabic. I have a lot of work ahead of me!!!! :)
i speak germen,English,french.Arabic red and reiting>>
Most dialects and accents of English, enough French and Spanish to fumble my way through asking for directions, enough Italian to order dinner, enough Latin to fake my way through reading French, Spanish, and Italian, Java, Ada, Fortran, Basic, Javascript, PHP, C++, and a few dozen of other unpronounceable initialisms and acronyms
I can get my face slapped in about 5 or 6 languages I learned by being there. Turkish, German, Thai, Vietnamese, and Spanish, That's enough for me thanks
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